Why is early childhood development important?

childhood brain development


We can support children on a healthy course for development, which will be needed for school and beyond. Our efforts focus on those first five years but also support those who contribute to the success of children.


Who we help:


Childcare Provider
Every parent wants to be a good parent but children don’t come with handbooks. That’s where Family & Childcare Resources of Northeast Wisconsin can help. We provide workshops, resources, and support for a child’s first and most important teacher – their parents.

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Childcare Provider
70% of Wisconsin children spend time in care outside the home. Early childhood professionals have the opportunity to make a big impact to set a strong developmental course. We help providers with pre-licensing, continuing education, YoungStar consultation, resources and support.

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Childcare Provider
Our work allows us to connect others who are passionate about helping strengthen children and families who are vital to the future of our community. You can help Family & Childcare Resources of Northeast Wisconsin through volunteering, donations and early childhood advocacy.

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By helping adults who care for children, including parents, grandparents and childcare providers, we are helping children. Equipping adults with information, programming and resources affects the development of the child. Our drop-in play area and classes help support parent and child socialization.


When employees have quality, reliable childcare, it increases the time they are at work and their productivity levels. Contracted services are also offered for customized referrals and on-site trainings.