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We have seen some amazing and warm comments from parents and children on why they appreciate their child care providers. We had to share this one from Toni who was one of our first and most thoughtful. She came in today to share with us. Here is what she said:

Roxann is the owner and sole provider for her in home family childcare center P.A.L.S. (Play and Learning Shop).

Roxann has owned and operated P.A.L.S. for 30+ years. I know this as she was my daycare provider when I was born almost 31 years ago. Not only is it a unique situation, but it’s completely comforting to my husband and me knowing that our daughter, Carmen, gets to experience and grow at P.A.L.S. just like I was able to.

It’s such a relief knowing when you have to leave your child to go to work that they are in the care of someone you consider a member of your family. As a first time mother I’m truly blessed to be able to have someone in our lives that we can have provide for our daughter like we would, while we are away at work.

I’m not sure how to begin to express the appreciation I have for Roxann, might end be bringing me to tears when going through this. Roxann just has a way to welcome you into her family, when I drop Carmen off in the mornings it makes my day when I look back at her in the car and I see her smiling ear to ear because she knows she is going to Roxann’s for the day while mommy and daddy are at work. On the weekends she always asks is today a Roxann day or home day, now don’t get me wrong sometimes I’m like why don’t you want to be with mommy lol J, but in all seriousness it’s such a relief knowing she loves going there and is so well cared for.

After a long day of stress at the office it just brings a smile to your face when you walk into your house and see a picture that Carmen colored, painted, or glued together at daycare. The excitement that my daughter shows for something that she created while at daycare is priceless and makes you completely forget all of the other stuff that was bringing you down. That just reassures you that your daughter is completely loved and is fine while you are away at work.

Roxann has a way of making each child feel important and helpful. She really knows how to get each child to let their strengths shine all while helping them with their weaknesses. It’s amazing how quickly a child can absorb a routine and implement it while at home. For example every night when it comes to cleaning up toys before bedtime not a night goes by that Carmen doesn’t sing the “clean up song” that they sing before nap time at daycare.

Let me tell you Roxann has some magic powers too because I could make a meal that Carmen would eat all day long at daycare, but because I made it and not Roxann she won’t even touch it at home. How or why who knows, but that is the great thing about Roxann kids enjoy going to P.A.L.S yet they learn respect, honesty, routine, and how to share while having fun.

Like I mentioned above being that this is my husband and mine first shoot at this “parenting thing” it was great having Roxann as our walking book of information. We bounce ideas off her, she makes suggestions based off of all of her years of experience, and we roll with it. We never feel like she is telling us what we are doing is the right or wrong way to do something she is being genuine in what she suggests to us. She laughs with us at our failed attempts and celebrates with us on our successes.  I wish every child could experience the relationship that I, my husband, and daughter have with Roxann.


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