We had a blast on Saturday, June 29 for the seventh annual Fly A Kite Fest! Over 4,000 people joined us at Arnie Wolff Sports Complex for a fun day in the sun. The wind wasn’t always on our side, but when the right breezes blew, friends and families alike were able to enjoy some colorful sights.

Volunteers in purple t-shirts arrived bright and early to help get set up. The soccer fields had some muddy spots from a recent rainfall, and the dew on the grass had started to evaporate in a humid mist. That didn’t stop the volunteers, though! They set up the final tents, carried chairs, tables, & other supplies, and set up signs and banners. Soon, sponsors arrived with fun kids’ activities. Feeding America set up a finger painting project, Mad Whimsy set up a henna booth, and Sash & Bow brought a photo booth. Kids also enjoyed a bone dig from Wyss Family Clinic and a demonstration from Herb Blue’s Total Self Defense.

In a nearby soccer field, the Wisconsin Kiters Club set up a BOLS race. The idea is simple: kids could run from one end of a soccer field to the other, then run back to where they started. The catch? First, they attached a giant parachute to their back. Kids enjoyed racing against their siblings, their friends, and their own best times as they sped across the turf. Some adults even joined in!

In the afternoon, a group of familiar faces came together for the Celebrity Running of the BOLS. State Representative Andre Jacque, Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, Meteorologist Phil DeCastro, and Miss Green Bay Area 2019, Kaylee Vermeern came together to run like the wind—with quite a bit of wind resistance. Congrats to Kaylee Vermeern (aka Miss Green Bay) for winning the race!

Throughout the afternoon, kids gathered for three exciting candy drops. Each time, a giant kite holding lots of candy soared overhead and dropped candy down for kids to pick up and take home. Once, there wasn’t enough time to get the huge candy-laden kite off the ground. Luckily, we came prepared; giant t-shirt launchers tossed candy into the air, instead!

Free candy wasn’t the only thing available to eat at Fly A Kite Fest. Our concessions stand kept busy selling cookout food and sweet treats. It was a hot day, so we sold plenty of waters, sodas, juice boxes, and snow cones.

Across the field, we also sold t-shirts and envelopes. Why envelopes? They were a part of our envelope game. Local businesses donated gift certificates and other prizes. We then filled thousands of envelopes and mixed them together. Half of all of the envelopes had a prize in them.

Of course, what is Fly A Kite Fest without Kites? We thank the Wisconsin Kiters Club for their incredible contributions. Their members brought plenty of kites to guide through the air. Although the extra-large kites never gathered enough wind to get off of the ground, the coordinated stunt kites danced to music in a coordinated kite ballet. The Kiters also provided supplies for children to make their very own kites in our Kids’ Activities tent. Overall, over 4,000 families and 90 volunteers came together for a fun day in the summer sun!

Our Sponsors

Kite Fest would not be possible without our incredible sponsors!

Wisconsin Kiters Club
Fox Communities Credit Union
Nicolet National Bank
Green Bay City Parks
Lamar Outdoor Advertising
Holiday Inn Stadium
Insight Creative, Inc.
Star 98
Moneysaver Magazine
Mad Whimsy
HJ Martin
Wisconsin Public Service Foundation
Pomp’s Tire
Wyss Family Clinic of Chiropractic
Festival Foods
Princess My Party
The English Inn
Country Inn and Suites
Women Magazine
Wanezek, Jaekels, Daul and Babcock, S.C
Banker’s Advertising
Brown County Sheriff’s Department
Advanced Disposal
First Presbyterian Church
LP Mooradian
Sash and Bow
Go Valley Kids

Let’s Get Moving: Exercise for Kids

By: Maddie Packard

Childhood obesity has and continues to be a serious problem in Wisconsin and the rest of the country.  A huge way to prevent this is exercise.  When most adults think of exercising, we imagine it as long, agonizing time on the treadmill, lifting heavy weights, or a crazy Zumba class.  Activities like those don’t really match up with the motor skills and attention span of toddlers and preschool aged children.  For them, exercising is all about playing and just being physically active.  They don’t have to run 5 miles or do 100 crunches, they just need to get moving. 

Aside from the typical play activities like playgrounds, hopscotch or riding bikes, there are many creative ways to get kids active without them even realizing they are exercising.

The Animal Walk

Some of the first things babies learn is what sounds animals make.  Once they’re up on their feet and have become an energized toddler, it’s time to learn how the animals move.  Whether they are running like a cheetah, galloping like a horse, or slithering around on their stomachs like a snake, an activity like this not only teaches about different types of animals but encourages new types of movement for a child to experiment with.

Obstacle Course

This can be done inside and outside, making it a friendly activity to all the weather we have in Wisconsin.  It doesn’t have to get complicated, but crawling under chairs, jumping over pillows, and weaving through a line of toys can still be fun.  There is more freedom outside like running around a tree or hula-hooping 5 times before moving on to the next obstacle.  There is no limit on what your course should include so the possibilities are endless.


Dancing knows no age and no skill level.  From waving your limbs around to a full choreographed number, it’s all dancing.  With toddlers, dancing and singing is a fun way to learn about new ways to move your body or even learn a subject matter like body parts.  As kids get older, they can start making up their own moves and come up with their own dances to their favorite songs.

A few songs to get moving:
Cool Bear Hunt (Dr. Jean)

Tooty Ta (Dr. Jean)

Shake My Sillies Out (Raffi)

We Are The Dinosaurs (The Laurie Berkner Band)

When all else fails, no kid can resist breaking it down to Let It Go from Frozen.

Whatever the activity, the important part is for kids to make a habit of being physically active.  It’s good for their bodies, mind, and overall well-being in the future.

Our playgroup kiddos show how they get active HERE

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