Child Care Provider Appreciation Day – Love!

We asked parents to tell us why they love their child care provider for Child Care Provider Appreciation Day on May 8. For our first year we received numerous responses from parents who rely on caring and stable care of their children. Every family looks for different qualities in child care providers so if you are looking for care call at 920-432-8899 for a free customized referral and information on the YoungStar Quality Rating and Improvement System, plus other tools to help find quality care that is the right fit for your family.


You could find care that makes you as happy as what parents are saying about the centers below. Thank you to all the parents who shared why they appreciate their childcare provider. We have most of the comments below in no particular order and apologies for any spelling errors. We drew a name from all of the comments and First Preschool and Childcare was the winner along with their nominator Emily.  Northeast WI is also the winner with so many passionate, caring providers and parents who love them!

First Preschool and Daycare

Teresa says- “The teachers provide a safe, warm, caring, respectful & engaging learning environment!”

Andrew says- “They are so caring! Our kids love going there. They really go out of their way to meet our kids needs.”

Emily says- “They are the most amazing teachers! They give 110% to everything they do. They love our kids as if they are their own J”

Polka Tots Child Care Center

Stacy says- “They’re friendly, positive, flexible, and wonderful with my daughters!”

Bright Beginnings Childcare

Beth says- “I love Jaime because she works great with me & she’s a professional as well as a child (in a good way)”

Maggie says- “I love my child care providers because they care so much about the kids.  The peace of mind I have leaving my children in their care, knowing they love and care about them as much as anyone is priceless.”

Karen says- “We are always greeted with a smile. Everyone knows our daughter and has her best interest at heart.”

Stacie says- “Jamie, A structured program with a variedly of activates for all ages. Very friendly personality.”

Jeff says- “Jamie Baierl- Jamie inspires our child to be the best.  She communicates well and caters to the level of each child.”

Jodi says- “Because I know when I leave for work she is in a safe environment.”

Sadie says- “I love my child care provider because she always shares pictures with me of what my infant did while I was at work.  She always has a story to share about my daughter’s day, and makes me feel like I did not miss out on anything while I was at work. Ms. Jenna.”

Sadie says- “I love my child care provider because she always takes the time to really listen to my son.  Whether he is sad, happy or just wanting to share, she always lends a listening ear’s. Ms. Jessica.”

Sadie says- “I love my daughter’s child care provider because she is taking the time to get to know my child and teach her at her level.  My daughter has learned so much from Ms. Cheryl this past year.

Sadie says-“I love my child care provider because she takes the time to talk to my son about his interests…especially his love of soccer! Ms. Steph”

Sadie says- “I love my child care provider because she always greets my child with a smile and a hug.  She gives my infant the best care while I am at work. Ms. Jenny”

Annie says- “They always try their best to make both of my kids feel safe and secure.”

Maria says- “They take amazing care of my children, who come home happy!!!”

Tracy says- “Some days when I pick up my 4 yr old he says- go get brother first, I still want to play.  He loves it there!”

Tracy says- “They do more activities & early learning than I could ever hope to do at home.”

Kelly says- “My son loves going there.  All the kids have a great time and I can go to work and know he’s getting the best care possible.”

Amanda says- “Ms. Leanne is the most amazing, caring & loving teacher to my child!”

Tiny Town

Amanda says- “Stephanie cares for my daughter like she is her own. She is Tori’s mom when I can’t be!”

Jessica says- “Miss Gina-Super positive, energetic care giver that is a shining star for my son.”

Tanya says- “Ms Gina loves teaching. It’s not just a job, she truly loves it & it shows. We are so lucky she teaches our heather.”

Tiny Town Childcare Center

Becca says- “I love my childcare provider because they all seem to love my little Beckett so much. They are constantly giving hugs & paying attention to him. Miss Shannon is serially nice, going in & visiting Beckett, sending me pictures of him, taking him for walks.”

Bear Cub DayCare

Diana says- “Jenni is extremely good with all the children and always willing to assist with any developmental concerns as much as possible.”

Sara says- “We love Bear Cubs because they make our child feel special and teach him many things.”

Tiffany says- “Jenni-I love how she has a smile every time I drop my kids off. Always asking how our day is.”

Lanette says- “Teacher.”

Samantha says- “Because I know my child is in good hands while I am work.”

Shining Stars

Allison says- “My Daughter is 7 months, but she is happy & smiling when I drop her off. That means the world to me.”

Angela says- “We were nervous putting our child into daycare, but after touring this facility we new it was a good fit. Our daughter was almost 2 when she started there. They have an emphasis on hands on learning. They grow vegetables, help with the garden, gather eggs from the chickens they have on site, and even get to eat the things they grow right from the garden! Shining Stars has really helped our daughter socialize and learn. We love Shining Stars!”

Common Paths

Sarah says-  “Ali & Kate-have been great w/my son. I can leave him in their care and not worry about him. He will be cared for & they do a great job. They make things exciting in class the kids have a great time “

Emily says- “Emily has taught our son so much in the few months he’s been with her.  She did so well w/ him they bumped him up to the next room early!  I’m so glad my husband and I made the decision to send our child to Common Paths and we recommend it to everyone!”

Karen says- “Miss Libby is just so fun!  She is constantly running and playing with the kids.  I don’t know how she does it.”

Crystal says- “My provider engage, nurturing atmosphere for children to safely learn and thrive.  The opportunities my daughter has there are priceless and I know she is well taken care of while I am at work.  The staff adores the children and it’s evident.  The children are comfortable and able to explore the world and relationships around them in a safe environment with positive role models.”

Stepping Stones

Felicia says- “They are welcoming, caring, generous, kind, and flexible with my child’s day care needs! “

Becky says- “The fun & Safe Environment, the care & love they give, sharing info of the day when we can’t be there”

Rebecca says- “We love that they do lots of fun art projects, play with sensory tables, and swim 2 times a week.”

See says- “They have given the time & patience to learn how to manage w/my son’s medical needs from day one!”

Alina says- “Stepping Stones has a very nurturing environment and my child is learning a lot of skills during her attendance.”

Renee says- “ All the teachers are very caring. Gabe thinks so too.  Dependable!”

Stephanie says- “The staff is patient and accepts all families and all of their needs.”


Kelly says- “We love that they do lots of fun art projects, play with sensory tables, and swim 2 times a week.”

Dawn says- “I love knowing my daughter gets to go see Ms. Kelly where they will explore, play and probably have fun getting messy.”

Dawn says- “Ms. Suzie and Rosie are always watching out for my daughter to make sure she is having great experiences.”

Encompass Cornerstone

GW says- “Because the teachers there go above & beyond helping with our children’s daily needs.”

Kalyn says- “They go above & beyond to help my child and make sure she is getting the care she needs.”

Jon says- “Ms Carol & Ms Sara-Too many reasons to name here but mostly the care of the kids and communication to the families. J”

Playmates Childcare

Sarah says- “Tara worked very hard to learn & meet the needs of my two special needs boys. She is awesome!”

Courtney says- “Because Ms. Tara, Ms. Kacey and Mr. Cory always welcome my son with open arms.”

Brittney says – “My child loves being there-The teachers teach in a fun & positive way!”

Kathryn says- “Kacey – She makes me happy.”

Stay N Play

Erin says- “Miss Cindy goes above and beyond in the care she provides the children. Her classroom is decorated in abundance to the theme that she is teaching on. She always has new activities and centers for the children to enjoy. Personally she helped my daughter transition from another daycare where she had been since she was 9 months old and the only center she had known. She takes a special interest to make sure she has a good start to the day and that she is ok with Mommy going to work. Everyone loves her and we truly appreciate her.”

Lyndsey says- “Cindy Vesser, she is just amazing, words just can’t describe how amazing she is. She looks at every one of her children that she watches as her own. My son just loves here so much, loves going to daycare because Ms. Cindy will be here. He talks about her as she is a part of our family, and we truly feel blessed to have her in our life. I see the things she does with the kids, most she funds with her only money… her kids mean the world to her and she is only there for them, money doesn’t matter. I truly feel that way about her. A truly amazing person inside and out, I wish there were more teachers like her. These kids are in a better place because of her, a great start to the world.”

Grandma Birdies Childcare Center

Anna says- “Always have a warm welcome for my child and my son always leaves happy!”

Starting Point Daycare

Jenny says- “I love that they provide Transportation to/from school as well as having 4K on site!”

Tricia says- “I’d like to nominate my son’s Orion’s child care providers: Jennifer Lemke and Alyssa Smith.”

Carol’s Playland Family Childcare

Katie says- “We love Carol because of how much she teaches through play & how much she loves our children.”

Karen says- “Carol loves my children and I never feel greedy leaving my kids!”

Cuddle Care

Angel says- “I want to nominate Cuddle Care for Provider Appreciation Day because they take such good care of my daughter, Evie.  Evie, who is almost 3, has attended Cuddle Care full-time since she was 10 weeks old and I am very grateful for the love, attention, and education they have provided for her.  It is a scary thing to leave your child in someone else’s care but Cuddle Care has consistently delivered exceptional care for Evie and certainly calmed my fears about being a full-time working mom.  I am constantly amazed at the enriching experiences that they provide for the children on a daily basis, such as providing rainsuits and rain boots for outside exploration in any kind of weather, hatching baby chicks under an incubator, and growing plants from seeds and observing all aspects of that process.  These opportunities are priceless for growing minds.  Not to mention, Evie has learned the basics – letters, numbers, songs and potty training and I know that Cuddle Care has been a huge part of those abilities as well.  I’d like to specifically give a shout out to Miss Kathy, Miss Phachee, Miss Michelle, and Miss Lisa for being such great teachers and great people too!!  Thank you for all you do each and every day!!”

Christina and Paul say- “We love it there because our children have so much fun during the day.  They have such an array of activities to keep them interested, occupied and learning each day.   The teachers are so good with the kids and are like family.”


Kidz in Motion

Stefanie says- “They treat my children like their own, great summer program and learning environment.”

Lisa says- “They have the most caring and supportive staff!”

Lisa says- “They love my children. Like they are their own.”

Tabitha says- “Our 4 year old Harper, has grown so much since attending Kidz in Motion.  Their teachers are structured and teach life skills.  This is the only place to take a child in town!”

Lindsay says- “Our son loves his teachers & they make him feel special! J”

Jacob says- “Clean and safe environment!”

Rabecca says- “My daughter loves her teachers and is always happy at pick up and drop off.”

Mike says- “The kids are always happy.  The staff cares about our daughter, and always ask about our days!”

Jessica says- “Amazing co-workers!  Love coming to work every day!  Our families are amazing!”

Rachel says- “Amazing & caring staff, fun activities for the families and children.”

Ann says- “I know my grandchildren are being taken care of and are loved!”

Sarah says- “They provide excellent care and do many activities with my child to help in his learning and exploring.”

Noah’s Ark Childcare Center

Chloe says- “I love Mrs. Melissa because she helps me when I’m having a hard time- Love Chloe!”

Lacey says- “Mrs. Brea is Very patient and kind and has awesome interaction with the kids!”

Ben says- “Because she loves my daughter enough not to baby her.”

Barb says- “They are faith based and very caring.  They are also very accepting with allowing parent participation.”

Mary says- “We feel safe and we feel your love and care. Great place to be for Ben.”

Dana says- “They love & cherish my child.  The best extension of our home.”

Donovan says- “They give the attention needed along with a safe environment.”

Angela says-“Both my children love being part of their daycare families!”

Angela says- “I am happy to have my children in such good hands.”

Encompass Rosebush

Shelly says- “Ms Kay & Ms Kraia do such fun things w/the kids. They let them be kids but still respecting each other!”

Francesca says- “They are safe, reliable, love children, trustworthy, educational and my child is comfortable with them”

Innovative Playhouse

Kimberly says- “My son has been involved in speech and occupational therapy since he was 2 years old.  Today at 6, he is a proud successful kindergartener who absolutely loves to learn.  I contribute much of our success to the amazing staff at Innovative Playhouse.  They have worked closely with my son’s therapists and always go the extra mile to help him achieve his goals.  Finding the Playhouse was a blessing and we truly consider them all family.  They literally welcomed my son with open arms and continue to do so every day.  J  Thank you everyone at Innovative Playhouse for your love and support!”

Kimberly says- “Ms. Tonya- Fostering a nurturing & fun environment for my boys to learn and grow. For maintaining a smiling face even through the unglamorous diaper changes, tantrums and food messes!”

Jacci says-“ Ms. Becca- they make my son feel safe and loved while I am away at work. She holds him every morning because he gets anxious about me leaving.  This makes me feel assured that he will be okay. I know this is true because he never wants to leave at the end of the day.”

Busy Bees Encompass Early Education Center

Melissa says- “She treats my daughter so good.  She loves her so much and takes care of her!”

Creative Kids Child Care Center

LaVonne says- “Because they take the time to plan such fun events and projects for us.”

April says- “I have been taking my children there for several years.  My daughter, Mary, started at Creative Kids at age two.  She is now nine.  She has learned so many things since she started there, not only educational things, but how to interact with others, how to use manners, respect, taking turns, sharing, etc.  I know that she is in wonderful hands there.  I never have to worry about her safety there.  My son, Alex, age two, started there at nine-weeks-old.  He loves it.  I know he is getting the same great experience.  They are also very flexible with my schedule, which is so much appreciated!”

Rachel says- “Provides quality care for our son. They genuinely care about our child and are part of our support system.”

Tami says- “The staffs there are the best! They are very friendly & do great fun things with the kids.”

Cristy says- “Mary Zelzer is always there with a hug & encouraging words for my daughter. She even became pen pals with her on her own.”

Cristy says- “Amy Smith is patent, kind & fair with all the kids but takes time out of her day after work to personally update me on my son’s day.”

Michelle says- “We couldn’t be happier with the care that they receive.  The organization takes extra steps in accommodating us as we have food allergies and does not hesitate to call if there are questions.   I feel as though they do a great job keep our children safe, active, and involved.   They encourage our children in everything and celebrate their victories!  The teachers in both the 3 year old room and the school age room do an excellent job with their schedules and activities keeping my children engaged and excited to come back.   My children both come home feeling appreciated and loved.  Safe, Fun, Loving, and Affordable… What else could a working mom ask for in a child care provider?”

Tracy says- “They treat my children as if they were one of their own.  We are honored to have them take care of our kids!

Sarahwathy says- “My childcare provider does the best to take care of my child and is amazing at everything they do.

Grandma Lynnie’s Daycare

Bobbie Jo says- “Lynn is very kind, caring & clean. She is passionate about her career and always has the children’s best interest in mind. She does a great job in preparing the children for school and real life. We appreciate Lynn!”

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