Childcare Center Job Opportunity

This is a regular posting of local jobs for early childhood professionals.
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Full-time childcare center job opening at Peaceful Beginnings in Green Bay


Teachers at Peaceful Beginnings provide children the care necessary for physical health and growth, emotional security and well-being, educational enrichment and spiritual reassurance.

Peaceful Beginnings aims to be an employer of choice in the childcare field. We expect our teachers to be ambassadors of the center. In return, we provide the following employer-paid benefits:

*Life Insurance

*Paid Maternity Leave,

*Short-term Disability,

*Employee Dental Premium (no charge to employee)

*Employee Vision (no charge to employee)

We also offer a newborn assistance program, open/close incentive, sign-on bonus and supplemental insurance!


Must have the ability to communicate with parents and staff.

Willingness to assist with cleaning, care and other duties as assigned.

Salary: $10-16 per hour


If interested, please email or call 920-865-4280.

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