Families Thank Childcare Providers

We asked parents to tell us why they love their childcare provider for Child Care Provider Appreciation Day on May 10th. For our fifth year, we received numerous responses from parents who rely on caring and stable care of their children. It is so exciting to see the kind words about area providers and feel grateful that these parents have found someone they trust to care for their children. Read some of the notes of appreciation below.

Thank you to all who are sending in comments or telling your provider directly. You express the sentiments many of us feel but don’t always say! (P.S. we apologize for any misspellings- there were many cards this year to type from 🙂


Every family looks for different qualities in child care providers so if you are looking for care call at 920-432-8899 for a free customized referral and information on the YoungStar Quality Rating and Improvement System, plus other tools to help find quality care that is the right fit for your family.

Childcare Provider Name Name of Child Care Program What do you love about your child care provider?
Jackie Fischer A Bright Star at Jackie’s Daycare She is patient beyond words and amazingly understanding! I have a special needs child and I’m so thankful she is the person she is! Jackie takes great care of my child. She makes adjustments when needed for him and goes above and beyond when providing for his needs when he is in her care.
Amiee Gray Amiee’s Little Apples Family Daycare She loves and treats our kids as if they were her own. We know they are in the best of care with her and they truly enjoy going to daycare to see her. We feel incredibly blessed to have met Amiee and her family!
Barbara Rybicki Barbara Rybicki Barb is a wonderful lady who we completely trust with our children. Everything she does is about the kids. She puts in tons of effort to make her daycare great! The kids love her so much, and she goes out of her way to come to their birthday and t-ball games. She’s always putting the kids first. The kids cry because they miss her- she is a second mom to them.
Tina Grahek Bay Area childcare center Personal approach
Tina Grahek Bay Area Day Care Center Tina has a loving and trusting relationship with each of the children that enter her daycare center. She truly cares for each child. She provides a safe environment and has made me feel comfortable knowing that my son is in great hands with her.
Tina Grahek Bay Area Daycare Everything! How much my child learns and the amazing friends he’s gained by going.
Tina Grahek Bay Area Daycare Program She is genuine, nurturing, patient, accommodating, and kind.
Big Apple Day Care Big Apple Day Care They have always done an amazing job taking care of my daughter. I always felt she was safe in their care. You can tell they truly care about all the kids.
Big Apple Daycare Big Apple Daycare Three main teachers work in the baby rooms, and they all know who my baby is and what her personality is like. They truly care about each child, and I don’t feel like my baby is just another number to them. I don’t know how they can juggle taking care of multiple children at once, but they even manage to do it with a smile on their faces. They really care about each child which helps me feel better about spending the day at work, away from my baby all day. If I were to win, I’d be more than happy for my $100 gift card to go towards those three teachers (Theresa, Kayla, and Bridgette).
Kesha Bright Beginnings My child loves Ms. Kesha. It is such a comforting feeling knowing my child is well taken care of while we are working. She always kept us updated about everything going on with my child. I also loved all the activities she did in the classroom!
Linsey & Mary Sue Bright Beginnings The fantastic care they provide to our son. He is learning and growing so much, and we are so thankful.
Jenna and Jenny Bright Beginnings These girls are always there to help. There hard work and dedication to the program are like no other. They are both easy to talk to and always there to answer any questions.
Nicole L Bright Beginnings Nicole is newer to this program, but you could never tell she is great with all the children
Nicole L (cook) Bright Beginnings Nicole puts so much love into all the meals she prepares for the children in her center. She works with any food allergy and all vegetation meals. My children eat so well at bright beginnings .. now if only they would at home.
Katie Williams Bright Beginnings Childcare and Learning Centers I love how much I am at ease knowing Katie is looking after my little one while I am at work.
Katie in the 4s Bright Beginnings Childcare Center Ms. Katie does an awesome job communicating to me about my child. You can truly tell she loves each child for who they are.
Kesha Bright Beginnings Childcare Center Ms. Kesha is easy to talk to and always is switching up her classroom to keep her kids busy.
Kesha Walton Bright Beginnings Childcare Center She is always teaching my child new things and displays genuine love for my child.
Holly J Bright Beginnings GB holly has a challenging group right now but is always at work with a smile on her face.
Sam T Bright Beginnings GB Sam is always going above and beyond for the children in her care. Thank you for keeping my child safe to and from school every day.
1 Year Program Bright Beginnings Green Bay The staff is awesome!
Bright Beginnings Childcare and Learning Centers of WI Bright Beginnings Green Bay All teachers and staff truly care about my children! My kids love going to daycare, and my older ones who have aged out of the programs wish they could still be there! The food, curriculum, and personnel are unbeatable♡
Infants Bright Beginnings Green Bay The staff is so great!
Brandine Kessler Building Blocks Childcare Center Brandine treats every child like her own. She goes above and beyond to make sure the children in her care and their parents are comfortable. She communicates very well and sends pictures frequently. She does so many great art projects with the infants and reads to them daily.
Theresa Schulte Building Blocks Childcare Center How giving she is to the kids
Jamie Popp Bullfrogs & Butterflies Jamie is always available to listen and answer questions. As parents, we always stress about if our kids are doing the right thing at the right time, but Jamie always manages to put my mind at ease and is very understanding about the stress that comes with being a working parent. I never worry about my kids during their day and always know Jamie, and her wonderful staff will look after them and take care of them as their own!
Kerry shea Care for all ages She always goes above and beyond with the kids and really cares about them not just because it’s her job
Christ Community Childcare Christ Community Childcare My daughter LOVES going to daycare. Every single teacher there is so great to her and to our family. She has learned sooo much since the time she has started going there! They are always so flexible with our schedule, and that is something I am so thankful for!
Christ Community Childcare Christ Community Childcare Always reliable and caring.
Miss Britney Christ Community Childcare My daughter is always so excited to get to daycare to see Miss Britney in the morning! When we first started at the center, my daughter was so nervous, and Miss Britney made her feel right at home!
Miss Donna Christ Community Childcare She is so patient with the kids, and they learn so much from her! She’s always doing little crafts with them! My daughter loves it!
Cathy Wetmore Common Paths She is always looking for additional information and ways to help my kids outside of just their daycare needs. My daughter had constipation struggles, and Cathy found research and thinks of other things that could be affecting my children to help support their needs.
Elise Borley Common Paths Elise is so loving and comforting to my children. My daughter had some eating issues, and Elise would be the only one that could get her to eat her baby food. Now my son is in that room, and he loves seeing her each morning. I never feel apprehensive about leaving my kids in her care. I can tell she loves her job and taking care of my kids.
Mary Campbell Common Paths This center is the best. They care for children of all abilities. They make sure everyone is included.
Before and after 4K Cuddle Care Inc Privately owned and makes sure the kids get outside to play. Offers nature-based learning and all the teachers teach the kids great manners and the owner is always available for any questions.
Ms. Phachee & Ms. Jenny CuddleCare The teachers are excellent at communication with parents and all learning aspects of the children in their care. My daughter has made great strides in speech and other developments. I truly believe they are a big part of that with their curriculum. They have a great sense of humor, and the kids respond well to their instruction. I absolutely appreciate everything they do.
Day By Day Discoveries My daycare is like family to me. They take such good care of all the kids. They learn so much at Day by Day. The daycare is always clean, and they have wonderful teachers
Nikki Baeb Day by Day Discoveries She always has a smile on her face and shows so much enthusiasm for everything she does
Miss Sue Day by Day Discoveries Preschool Room The love Miss Sue has for her classroom of children is undeniable. She is an exceptional educator of preschool-aged children. My four year old son comes home every day with new knowledge, skills, and a happy attitude. This is how I know Miss Sue is the best at teaching and caring for all children.
Denmark Before and After School Program It’s a daycare with an educational program.
base Denmark Before and After School Program Friendly caregivers. My kid loves them!
basp Denmark Before and After School Program Very personable with my child
Denmark Before and After School Program Denmark Before and After School Program They love my kids
Denmark before and after school program Denmark before and after school program How they really care about each child. They have so many activities and cool thiings for the children to do.
Miss Marissa Denmark Before and After School Program Miss Marissa relates so well with my daughter, and they even have “inside” jokes with each other. She always has a smile on her face and makes my daughter laugh.
Ms. Kristin, Ms. Marissa, Ms. D. Ms. Short Ms. Teresa Denmark Before and After School Program Athena loves the outside time play, the show and tells time, and how sweet her teachers are.
Wrap Around Program Denmark Before and After School Program My child comes home on a daily basis excited to tell me what he did at the program. He also really likes his teachers. It’s such peace of mind knowing he’s well-taken care and happy where he is at.
Amanda Schuld Early toddler @ Shining Stars Hobart She pays attention to details, is very loving with the kids, great communication with parents
Infant 2 Encompass It’s has a 5-star Youngstar and NAEYC accredited
Paula Stec First preschool She’s so fun!
Shannon Drefcinski First Preschool Mrs. D is an exceptional teacher, caring provider, and a wonderful person. Natalie looks forward to school each day and has learned a great deal this past year. Mrs. D has helped guide us through some toddler challenges and has been a great support. We thank her and all the providers at First Preschool!
Shannon Drefcinski First Preschool “Mrs. D” is always coming up with fun activities for our child to take part in. She also cares for our daughter as if she was her own and takes the time to communicate any worries.
First Preschool and Daycare FIrst Preschool, and the baby place They treat them as if they were their own. The staff is very knowledgeable and great at communicating any needs/concerns. Coming from horrible experiences at in-home care, we chose this daycare and never looked back. It’s so comforting knowing your children and loved and cared for.
Cindy Veeser Forever Young I love how Cindy wanted to open a center so she can be a full part of the children’s progress. She is very supportive with all of us and when she sees any of her teachers struggling she is there right away to help in any way that she can. She really cares about everyone around her and always has a welcoming personality.
Cindy Veeser and Felicia Handt Forever Young When my husband and I finally decided to enroll our first son in daycare, I had severe reservations. Then after touring numerous facilities, I felt as though I would sooner quit my job than send my child there. My biggest reservation regarding those facilities was that the teachers seemed overly exhausted and ran down… no one smiled or seemed engaged. And I totally understand…caring for other people’s children is so small feat! It requires a level of compassion and empathy that only select individuals possess. And children are exhausting, especially a classroom of them. BUT, the moment my husband and walked through the doors of Forever Young for our tour we immediately felt the love and compassion that fills Forever Young! The entire center smells wonderful and is decorated so nicely with a change of decor for each holiday. The children are always being engaged in different activities, crafts, and learning. And there cannot be enough said about the outpouring love that Cindy and Felicia give to the children each and every day! They love those children like their own and that means the world! In addition to showing each child the love and support they need to grow, Cindy and Felicia are always thinking ahead of different ways to improve and expand Forever Young. No day is ever stagnant… each day is engaging and exciting for those children. I honestly cannot day enough to show my gratitude towards Cindy, Felicia and the entire staff and Forever Young…but they truly do have the BEST childcare facility!
Forever Young Forever Young They are so great and understanding. They work with you and understand your concerns. My kid has had some trouble in the past with daycares but her she feels safe and cared for. The previous meltdowns have gone away, and she looks forward to going. My four year old is having some transition issues and cries when I leave, but they are there to help him through that and comfort him when I leave. They don’t get frustrated they truly care about my kids and all the kids at the center. I no longer worry about getting phone calls saying to come to pick up my kid because they can’t handle them. For a single mom that missed a lot of work previously when my kids where at a different daycare this is a welcomed relief.
Forever Young Child Care Forever Young It’s clean and very one treats you like family.
Forever Young Childcare Center LLC Forever Young The staff is great with our kids. It is hard to get them to leave at the end of the day. You can tell that everything they do is for the kids. They go above an beyond being a daycare and treat you like family! I highly recommend.
Preschool Forever Young They go above and beyond for their families, my child loves being there, and I know she is caring for there
Cindy Veeser Forever Young Child Care They love on our kids like they are their own. Lots of developmentally appropriate crafts, outside playtime. Beautiful and clean facilities. They do awesome field trips and family events. They are very accommodating with my teacher schedule. I am always welcome there. Lines of communication are always open. They post pictures on Facebook daily. In short, they are like family. And it’s affordable!
Forever Young Child Care Forever Young Child Care How personal and family oriented they are
Cindy Veeser Forever Young Child Care Center She is the most amazing teacher who loves all the children at her center. We are so blessed to have her.
Forever Young Child Care Center Forever Young Child Care Center They provide the best safety, educational and love you every student. They make each child feel special giving them the confidence they need to success in school and life.
Cindy Veeser Forever Young Childcare Cindy, Felicia and the staff are absolutely amazing with our kids! You can tell they all genuinely love the kids in their care. FY staff aren’t just child care providers, they have become our family.
Cindy Veeser Forever Young Childcare Center Everything most especially the love that is given to our children.
Cindy Veeser Forever Young Childcare Center They are amazing with all the children
Cindy Veeser Forever Young Childcare Center The passion she has for the children, the families, and her employees. This woman is always thinking of others and how she can put a smile on their faces.,
Cindy Vesser Forever Young Childcare Center Amazing place to work
Cindy vesser Forever Young Childcare Center Excellent staff and care so much for the kids
Forever young childcare center Forever young childcare center They absolutely love the children & their jobs!
Forever Young Childcare Center Forever Young Childcare Center Everything!!! I absolutely love that I feel comfortable with leaving my son there daily when I work. I always feel like he is loved there
Forever Young Childcare Center Forever Young childcare center They are absolutely amazing with the children, loving, & patient. They love them like I would when I have to be somewhere other than with my kiddos!
Daycare and Before School Forever Young Childcare Center LLC That they truly care about our children. They go above and beyond to make sure all families and children feel like family. They have done an excellent job of preparing our son for Kindergarten and now our daughter as well.
toddler Forever Young Childcare Center, LLC. Small center with teachers who care for the children like their own. Flexible schedules to help accommodate changing work schedules. Owner gives back to the families in various ways. Events for the families every few months. Formula included for infants. Accommodating to breastfeeding moms. Lots of art projects. Worked with child who bit multiple times a week for many months. I appreciate that they didn’t make us find other care for our daughter.
Forever Young Childcare LLC How amazing and caring the staff is. It’s more than just money they care about all the children like they are their own child
Cindy & Felicia Forever Young Childcare LLC So welcoming! They are family!
Forever Young Forever Young Childcare LLC My son loves his daycare, he looks forward to daycare every morning.
KinderCare Green Bay West KinderCare Besides the place being clean and everyone being friendly.. My little guy has a heart condition where we are required to listen to his heart rate daily. The day care took upon themselves to buy a pediatric stethoscope and taught the teachers how to listen to his hear beat. Also the quick response with emails is amazing!! Makes leaving my little guy there easy!
Angie and Amanda Holy Rosary Child Care Center I always feel that she keeps my baby safe and under close watch. She also takes the time to do cute art projects with my child!
Angie Gardner Holy Rosary Child Care Center Angie has taken care of my daughter since she was 10 weeks old. She treats her like one of her own. She encourages her learning and development. As a parent, I always count on Angie to keep me updated and give me honest feedback. Watching my daughters interaction with Angie makes my heart melt. I will be extremely saddened when she outgrows Angie’s room.
Toni Charles Holy Rosary Child Care Center My daughter was 4 when we switched from in-home to a center. Toni welcomed her with open arms and became an instant favorite to her. Toni sparks creativity and imagination in my daughter. She spreads love and passion to every child she cares for. Her patience is unlike any other. HRCC is lucky to have Toni.
Chris in home I trusted her from the start and never have to worry if she safe
Tina Grahek In-Home Daycare She cares and loves them really well!!
Just 4 Kids III Just 4 Kids III I love the friendliness of the staff! I feel like they all genuinely care for my children.
Lori Pasdo Just Kidd’n She loves my little guy!
Ms. Mary and Ms. Amber Kids care They are super professional but also really kind and sweet with our 7 month daughter. Ms. Mary and Ms. Amber always are thinking of fun new activities and helping Emily try new skills. They made me feel so comfortable going back to work knowing she is in capable and kind hands.
Cassidy Kids Care Cassidy has worked with my son for the last two and a half years. She is extremely patient with him and nurturing. He gets very excited when he sees her, and follows her around the daycare center. My son has some needs that require a special education teacher to come in and work with him. Cassidy is always very accommodating to his teacher and supports my son’s needs. We are very grateful that Cassidy is our son’s daycare teacher.
Kids Care Inc Kids Care Inc Owners always there
Kids Care Inc Kids Care Inc The individual attention my child receives, in addition to the educational activities that they do every day.
Daycare provider/4K Kidz In Motion They take awesome care of the kids and do fun, exciting, & educational activities with them.
Jessica Rhoades Kidz In Motion She is the best teacher ever! She goes out of her way to make sure all the littles are loved! She is so dedicated to making each day great and fun! She is also so creative!
Jessica Rhoades Kidz In Motion We love the home feel environment and the caring staff.
Karisa Shepard Kidz In Motion She is always there for everyone, student, parents, co-teachers, and support staff
Kidz In Motion Kidz In Motion They genuinely care for each child and love them. The curriculum they use is amazing my 3 yr old is smarter than most 4 and 5 yr olds. People are amazed with how well he speaks and how much he knows. I applaud this staff for not only keeping education up to date for kids but staff is always growing their knowledge to expand unto the kids and it shows. We couldn’t ask for a better place.
Kidz In Motion Kidz In Motion They treat my boys like they are family. They continually create new and fun ways of learning.
Kidz In Motion Kidz In Motion The Kidz in Motion staff treats our children like family. They learn so much and have a lot of fun while doing many activities. It’s so nice and very important to have full trust in the place that your kids are spending their days and we do with Kidz in Motion.
Mrs. Sarah Kidz In Motion Always taking extra good care of our son!
Ms. Sara Kidz In Motion Ms. Sara has been part of our lives since our son started at Kidz In Motion last July. She has been instrumental in our sons’ growth and development and most of all; you can tell she truly enjoys her job and loves our kiddos! Thank you, Ms Sara, for helping make the transition from an in-home provider to daycare center seamless!
Rebecca Ferch Kidz in Motion We love how Ms. Rebecca takes such good care of Tommy. She treats him as if he were her own. She is truly invested in him as a person (even though he’s only 3) and she is genuinely interested in helping him grow and develop. She balances learning with fun and encourages his creativity and imagination. She attentively listens to our concerns and questions and goes out of her way to do research and provide us with strategies she thinks would help Tommy when he is struggling. She is never too busy to talk to my husband or I when we voice our concerns and takes into consideration the methods we use at home to maintain consistency for Tommy. Tommy looks forward to seeing Ms. Rebecca every day; he always runs into school excited to show her the “stuffie” he has brought in or wanting to continue the dance party they had the day before. He always has the biggest smile when he sees Ms. Rebecca and it helps to put our mind at ease knowing we are leaving him in the care of someone like her. We love Kidz in Motion and the tight-knit family community they have created. It puts us at ease to know that Tommy is in a place where he is loved and valued for who he is and that there are people who love seeing his face every day. The teachers at Kidz in Motion treat the parents as a part of the family and work to create an environment where kids feel safe and loved, where they can learn and use their imaginations, where they can explore any topic that interests them. Our son has flourished in their care and we are grateful to have such loving and kind people to help us give our son a solid foundation while we are at work.
Toddler program Kidz In Motion They truly care about all the children at the center. The kids have fun and learn at the same time. My son has learned so much from all his teachers at Kidz In Motion.
Miss Rebecca Ferch Kidz N’ Motion She is so wonderful, caring, thoughtful, fun, funny I can’t say enough about her.
Toddler Kinder Care They care about every single one of the children and the families. The teachers and directors take time to get to know all about the children and their family. My child is always learning new things!
Karla Vandenlagenberg KinderCare Always helpful and caring
Miss Laurie KinderCare She goes above and beyond for all the children. She treats us like family and we are so thankful to have her in our lives!
School Age KinderCare Cormier The Director and Assistant Director and Ms. Heather
Ms. Casey Kindercare on Taylor and Mason She really cares about the kids and helps if can
Laurie Coopman Laurie’s in-home childcare. She loves my children as if they were hers. My kids adore her and are always so happy to be there.
Lennie Ann Pickett Lennie Ann’s Family Daycare I love how much she cares about the kids; she does learning time and art projects. She will even come to events outside of daycare that the kids are involved in. She truly loves the kids like her own. My family is fortunate to have found her.
Lennie Ann Pickett Lennie’s Ann’s house her love for my boys and daily art projects!!!
Lennie Taft Lennies House Consistency, caring
Toni Jo and Kris Berg Little Blessings Daycare The Berg family opens their home to 11 little darlings every day. This husband and wife duo exhibit every trait you look for when searching for the perfect provider. They are nurturing, organized, funny and caring every day. They are even able to smile on the days every baby decides to skip nap time. The skills they teach my son every day academically to socially are amazing. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful, loving people in our son’s life.
Elizabeth Coshenet Little Giggles The interactions and love she gives all the kids.
Elizabeth Coshenet Little Giggles She is a very kind-hearted person, genuine person, when you see the smiles on the kid’s faces daily as a parent it makes you feel good that your child is in good hands! She does an amazing job with the kids!
Little Giggles – Elizabeth Coshenet Little Giggles Daycare Everything! Liz is the best of the best. She is the most patient, kind, loving individual and is so great with every child she cares for. She goes above and beyond in every way to help her children learn and grow.
Cindy woyak Mom away from mom She treats the kids like family and makes being a working mom less stressful knowing my child is in great hands.
Cindy Woyak Mom Away From Mom Daycare The one on one attention and love each child receives. It’s heartwarming when your child is excited to see Miss Cindy.
Sue Lightfield Oconto Area Child Care All the staff at the child care center is so welcoming when we come in the morning and makes us really feel like our daughter is a part of the center. Sue, along with all the other staff, have been so great and have really taken the time to get to know our daughter. Sue is so detailed in telling me what/how our daughter did in daycare that day which I love hearing about. She always takes extra time to work with her one-on-one. Because of these things, our daughter has gotten attached to sue and really feels comfortable going to daycare which makes it so much easier for us leaving her there knowing she is so comfortable. I can’t thank the staff enough, especially Sue, for the great care they give our daughter on a daily basis!
Oconto Area Childcare They love our daughter and nuture her growing curiosity and spirit.
Oconto Area Non-Profit Child Care Oconto Area Non-Profit Child Care They go above and beyond. From setting up bussing for the school year and summer school, taking the kids on amazing field trips and parades, working with families on billing and schedules, working with my daughter’s therapists, and they treat every child like their own. Most of all I love that my children feel safe and comfortable being there. This makes my Husband, and I feel at ease during our day at work not having to worry. This daycare has helped both my 8 year old and 3 years old learn to interact with their peers better. I don’t feel bad that they have to go all summer while we work because they get to do so much. I do not think any other daycare can compare to our daycare.
Oconto Area Non-profit Child Care Center We have a special needs child – the center has taken steps to ensure she is included. They are flexible and treat our kiddos like family.
Oconto Area Child Care Oconto Area Non-Profit Child Care, Inc. Reliable-hours is longer than any other daycare, and they are rarely closed. I still get to be a part of my sons day. Teachers and staff do an amazing job of helping raise my child. They are constantly teaching, and the kids are always learning.
Oconto Area Nonprofit Childcare Oconto Area Nonprofit Childcare /They are hands down the best in the business. My daughter gets the attention she needs. Great snack and food program. And the activities are top notch, she has learned so much from the care they all give!!
Oconto Area Nonprofit Daycare Oconto Area Nonprofit Daycare They always make it fun for the kids. My son just loves going there. They also hold family events to include all the families and friends.
Sue & Lisa Oconto Area Non-Profit Daycare They are so kind and good with my daughter.
Danielle Baumgarten Play Days She is amazing with the kids. She is very flexible with my work schedule. The kids absolutely love her. She’s also very interactive with the kids.
Toddler Royal Montessori My daughter learned so much going there. they try to challenge her every day and teach them independence at a young age
Brittany McCarthy, Brittany Conklin Shining Stars My children came from an in-home daycare to Shining Stars were they were shy and scared. They cried every morning when we dropped them off, and it was heartbreaking. Both ladies were sweet, kind and fun with the kids and treated them like they were their own children. Since then, then my children love going to daycare, and we have a much better drop off, which makes for a happier day!
Skylar & Mariah Shining Stars Daycare is about having peace of mind that someone will treat your children well. The providers love my kids, and my kids love them. My children know that their teachers truly care about their day and will hug and love them like their own children. It’s important that’s children learn how to love and be kind in multiple settings and the teachers make it easy to implement those skills.
Summer Shining Stars She likes to play wrestle, create stuff, play songs and dance with me.
Early Preschool Shining Stars – Hobart I love that the center is focused on play and nature. My son comes home muddy more than he comes home clean, and it makes me so happy that he’s allowed to really get creative and involved with the nature around him. Kids should play, and when my son comes home, I know that he’s done just that. Both of my children attend Shining Stars (my daughter on off-school days), and they are both creative children, which I believe is a result of their experience at Shining Stars.
Brittany Conklin Shining Stars Daycare and Educational Center Her love for the children, her gentleness and compassion and open communication
Ashley Berger Shining Stars Pre-School and Childcare Center We are super blessed to Miss Ashley in our lives! What makes Ashley exceptional is that she makes every day magical for the children she cares for. Ashley creates amazing lesson plans that allow for age-appropriate learning through several different avenues, while keeping all of the children involved and happy – an amazing feat when we’re talking about toddlers! Ashely truly cares for each one of “her kids,” and the kids love her in return. We’re especially attached to Ashley because of the special relationship she’s developed with my son, Corbin. Corbin struggled with ear infections and constant fluid in his ears. Because of that, his speech has been a bit slow to develop. Ashley spends one on one time with Corbin every day, reading books and practicing words, but the most amazing thing is that she’s teaching him sign language to match the words he’s learning to help him communicate! Corbin can sign a few things already, and he’s so proud! His words are finally starting to develop, and I know that Ashley’s extra attention is helping to facilitate this. She’s given my son a wonderful gift, saying thank you just isn’t enough sometimes.
Deb Barette Shining Stars Suamico She is amazing with Lydia! She has provided a lot of developmental growth to Lydia, and she is very knowledgeable and loving with her.
Toddlers/ early preschool Shining Stars- Suamico One thing I love about this daycare is that the teachers really care about their children they watch. My daughter goes there, and she really has learned so much. I would like to thank the teachers for everything they do for the kids. I know it cant be easy.
Meagan Rodi Shining Stars-Hobart She is so calm and helps every child
RaeLynn Cornelius Shinning Stars Everyone is so nice and caring and always has time.
Ellie Schilling Silly Goose Ellie is very attentive and caring for my daughter’s needs.
Ellie Schilling Silly Goose Day Care How much my kids love going there.
Ms. Jolinda Sunshine Child Center Our daughter looks forward to Ms. Jolinda’s class. There have been moments she will refuse to leave once it is time to go home, which surprised me a bit in a two-year-old. It reassures us to know she absolutely enjoys her daycare. We are even more grateful she has improved in her speech since attending. Ms. Jolinda shows how much she cares for the little ones and is very patient, attentive, understanding and overall wonderful towards them.
Tammy McAllister Tammy’s Toddlers Family Daycare She is amazing with the kids and makes learning fun!
Tammy McAllister Tammy’s toddlers family daycare I love Tammy because she loves my son like her own. She always accommodates for my individual parenting style and preference. She works really hard with the kids to teach them their colors, letters, numbers, etc. and gives them much needed outdoor time when the weather allows. Tammy truly is a superhero in our eyes!!
Miss Nancy The Baby Place, Green Bay Miss Nancy and the whole staff are so patient and understanding; our daughter has a smile on her face when we drop her off.
Ms. Char Three Bears Daycare Leo loves his teacher! Ms. Char is caring, plans interactive lessons, and understand child development.
Ms. Barb Titletown Toddlers She plays with me, works with and teaches me new things every day. Thank you!
Forever Young Toddler Everyone is friendly
Mindi Kempinski Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is  Playing with toys
Mindi Kempinski Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is Playing
Mindi Kempinski Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is coloring
Mindi Kempinski Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is craft time
Mindi Kempinski Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is reading
Mindi Kempinski Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is playing cars with Ms. Mindi
Mindi Kempinski Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is watching brain breaks
Mindi Kempinski Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is doing centers
Mrs. Tina Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is Recess
Mrs. Tina Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is  listening to singing
Mrs. Tina Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is  Group time
Ms. Ashlei Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is dancing to music
Ms. Ashlei Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is having fun
Ms. Catherine Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is playing outside
Ms. Catherine Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is legos
Ms. Mindi Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is playing with the toddlers
Ms. Mindi Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is playing outside
Ms. Mindi Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is playing outside
Ms. Tina Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is reading books
Tina Brunette Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is Playing games
Tracy Forst Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is playing pretend food with her
Wausaukee Wausaukee Little Learners Center Daycare My favorite thing about my child care is playing with stuff
Keegan Pries You Are My Sunshine I nominate Keegan because of her dedication to children. We are so lucky to have found You Are My Sunshine. When we came to Keegan, my son had been struggling to fit in as his previous daycare. Keegan welcomed us with open arms and was more than willing to work with him. Since starting there, my son has been diagnosed with ADHD type 2 with impulsivity. Keegan has always been so understanding and caring towards our son and our entire family. It was so refreshing to hear positive comments about how my son was thriving and learning since joining their care. My son has changed dramatically for the better, as well. She is very patient and kind towards him. She has also made us feel better as parents, helping us through our struggles with our starting half days of school since change has always been hard for him. Keegan has been a wonderful teacher both our children, especially our son and I cannot thank her enough for all her patience and kindness she has shown our family since starting at the center.
Dawn Weier YWCA Dawn shows an extreme amount of patience in working with the children in her care. She provides a developmentally appropriate approach for all she does, including addressing social-emotional needs, the arts, physical activity, music, dramatic play, building, and literature. She finds a delicate balance between fostering children’s interests through new learning and introducing new experiences. Her communication with families is top notch. I always feel I know what my child did throughout the day from her many forms of communication. My children both have loved being in Ms. Dawn’s class!
Dawn Weir YWCA Dawn has a passion for the field, and it shows through in everything she does. She truly cares about each child and family in her care. Dawn cherishes each child’s development and helps them grow. She takes the time to plan open-ended projects based on the children’s interests, share the development with parents and challenges each child. We are so lucky to be able to have Dawn as our children’s teacher.
Infant Room YWCA From the moment my son and I walk in the door every morning, we feel welcomed and loved by Laurie, Holly, Olivia, and the neighboring toddler classroom. I was nervous about being away from my son when he was an infant, and the YWCA has made those worries disappear. The teachers truly care about my son and keep him healthy and safe. Additionally, they have been my #1 supporters through our breastfeeding journey, allowing me to come feed him at lunch every day and welcoming me with open arms. Michelle and Ashley in administration are warm and friendly and have made his first school experience a wonderful one. I can’t say enough positive things about the YWCA!
Dawn Weier YWCA child care She is the most patient, caring, child care, provider. She understands each child uniqueness. She allows them to explore and learn things at their own pace while gently pushing them forward.
Karen Zelhofer Zelhofer’s Family Daycare EVERYTHING!! She is patient, loving, kind, accommodating, giving, teacher & fun. A true friend and role model to all.
Zion Lutheran Child Development Center They provide kind, faith-based care with a focus on learning. They listen to our concerns and do their best to help.
Zion Lutheran Child Development Center Their care is faith-based and child-focused. They create individual relationships with each child and genuinely care.
Miss Dana _ Miss Stephanie Zion Lutheran Child Development Center They both do wonderful work with Cole. He can be defiant, and they are very patient and kind. As parents, we appreciate everything.

As the outreach and communications coordinator for Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W., Nicole loves helping kids and is a kid at heart. Between reading books, you'll find her emailing updates and communicating on behalf of the organization.

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