Know Where to Turn For Childcare Options

Craigslist and Other Websites Don’t Guarantee Regulated Care

Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W. has seen an increase in the number of families using their resources to assist them in finding quality care that meets their needs but many families still use websites that do not ensure a regulated provider. The agency is the only unbiased resource who can offer a list of providers that meet minimum state requirements and other sources might not be giving parents the information they want or need.

“Not knowing where to turn, parents often go to the internet but as we know not all online resources are reliable,” says Paula Breese, Executive Director of Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W. “With regulated care parents can be assured that minimum state standards regarding background checks and safety are met.”

Parents can also receive resources and information on how to look for quality childcare. They can also learn about how to use and understand the Youngstar Childcare Rating and Quality Improvement System. The Youngstar Rating System allows parents to compare the quality of childcare with a measurable standard.

Parents can receive personalized childcare referrals through an online database found on their website at or by calling the agency at 1-800-738-8899. The referral will help parents find regulated childcare options that meet the needs of the family.

“Knowing their child is safe and taken care of makes it easier for parents to work leading to increased productivity,” says Breese. “Using a variety of tools to make an informed childcare decision will make it easier for parents and their children.”

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