Parent Cafe

Brewing Strong Families and Strong Communities

Help Build Support For Parents- By Parents

Parenting is a tough job at times!  Many parents struggles with feelings of inadequacy for a variety of reasons (ie- feeling overwhelmed, having difficulty meeting their basic needs, or lacking support).   Parents do the best they can to assure their children will be productive and successful citizens in life.  However, sometimes things happen and get in the way.

The purpose of the Parent Cafés is to introduce, promote and build upon Protective Factors through a peer to peer learning process and individual self-reflection. Parent Cafés provide a safe and nurturing environment for parents to have authentic, intimate conversations about their families and ways in which they can strengthen their families and communities.

We are asking parents to help build this support to help other parents with their knowledge and experience. Together we can strengthen our families and our community.

Join us for Parent Cafe and learn what it is all about. Enjoy a coffee, tea and dinner then engage in round table discussion.



Program funded by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.