Parents Show Appreciation for Child Care Providers

 Parents Appreciate Child Care

We asked parents to tell us why they love their child care provider for Child Care Provider Appreciation Day on May 12. For our third year we received numerous responses from parents who rely on caring and stable care of their children. It is so exciting to see the kind words about area providers and feel grateful that these parents have found someone they trust to care for their children. Read some of the notes of appreciation below.

Thank you to all who are sending in comments or telling your provider directly. You express the sentiments many of us feel but don’t always say! (P.S. we apologize for any misspellings- there were many cards this year to type from :)) If your comments didn’t make the list they may have gone right in the drawing box.


Every family looks for different qualities in child care providers so if you are looking for care call at 920-432-8899 for a free customized referral and information on the YoungStar Quality Rating and Improvement System, plus other tools to help find quality care that is the right fit for your family.

A Bright Start at Jackie’s Daycare

KierstonWe are fortunate to have a local daycare provider and one what is just wonderful with children.  Kids just love to go to her house. 

Bear Cub Childcare

Diana – They are so wonderful to my children. I credit a lot of my children’s learning at a young age to their caring hands. They are always doing new activities and projects with them. My twins can be a handful together and the childcare providers understand and know how to take care of their needs even on the rough days. They care about my children inside and outside the facility along with assisting to keep the routine the same from home to daycare. To say that I appreciate them is an understatement.

Connie – I love my childcare providers because they really care about all the children. They care for my oldest who has cerebral palsy and even with his difficulties they said it helps the other children there, with no complaints.  They calm them in the mornings when mom has to leave them to go to work.  They make crafts for moms and dads to love.  Then there is the special time they get one on one like when my daughter comes home with her hair so cute along with the other little girls in her class.  The best thing is not just what they do for my kids, but I see them do it for others too.

Big Apple Day Care

Tanya Kayla, Because she has helped care for both of my children and currently has my youngest and treats them with such care and kindness!

Bright Beginnings

Amanda Everyone is so kind and helpful. All 3 of my kids love going there. We absolutely love them!

Jenna Katie & Amy are sweet & help my son at drop off! Trisha is so cool & kind my school age child just loves her.

Katie – My kids love Bright Beginnings especially their teacher Miss. Tricia. She is so nice and always happy and smiling.

Angela – the thought out teaching plans even for infants. My daughter is always so excited to be there and has learned so much in such a short time.

Amanda – My son Easton and I love Miss Markita Norbeck. She has been there for us since day 1. My son was so scared, to be in a new facitily where he did not know anybody. I was a wreck as well being my first time at the facility and leaving my child in the hands of a stranger. She has stuck by our side, making the daycare experience a delight. She went above and beyond giving out her personal number since she knew we didn’t have any family around. She is always smiling, cheerful and so energetic.

Katie- I love my Daycare, Bright Beginnings, because they treat my children as if they were their own! They always do fun activities and my kids look forward to going to play with their friends and teachers!

Alexandrea – I love my childcare provider(s) because they truly love and care for my child and all the other children they take care of. My child is excited to go to day care everyday and I can see the love in his eyes for his providers Amy and Katie. I feel comfortable leaving my son at Bright Beginnings and love how much they keep me in the loop and in the know of what’s going on. They also go above and beyond to keep the parents/families involved. They have several different events often that really mean a lot to the kids!

Cassie – My son’s teachers at Bright Beginnings Child Care are like family to us. They are so caring and my son loves it at the center. He looks forward to being dropped off and sometimes doesn’t even want to be picked up at the end of the day! It’s hard to leave your child to go to work each day, but I couldn’t be happier that he is in the hands of such amazing teachers. I can’t thank them enough for what they teach my son each day while my husband and I are working. These wonderful teachers deserve a $100 certificate!!

Bryana – I love the staff at bright beginnings for so many reasons, but mainly because they treat my daughter as if she is their own. She is so well loved and all the staff delights in her presence! It gives me so much piece of mind to drop her off in the morning and she runs in the door with a big smile on her face to see all her friends and her teachers.

Jessica – We love Bright Beginnings, more specifically all of our daughters teachers because they take the time to get to know her and what her needs are. We know she feels loved and safe and even tells us her teachers are some of her “best friends!”    Our daughter is not only getting the care she needs, but she is hitting many milestones​ above her age level and is being taught things I could never do at home with her.     We can’t thank Bright Beginnings enough for all they do for our daughter above and beyond what’s expected!

Holly – Kesha and Jessica are amazing with my son. I never have to worry when I am at work, I always know he is in good hands. They are always upbeat and doing fun things with the kids.When I pick him up, they always take the time to tell me how his day went. He is always happy when I pick him up. He talks the whole way home about his day with his friends, and how much fun he had. Thank you Kesha and Jessica for creating such a fun classroom. I am always amazed at what he learns in a day!   I have had him at Bright Beginnings since he was 10 weeks old. All of the teachers are amazing and kind!!! We are so lucky to have picked a great daycare from the start!

Casey – Bright Beginnings is a child care provider that is more than just a learning center where I leave my child when we go to work.  From the first time I dropped of Cash at 12 weeks, I was comforted in knowing he was being loved and taken care of.  Each room from new born, 1’s, 2’s. and 2 1/2’s both my husband and I fell more in love with his teachers.      Cash is now in the 2 1/2 year old room and his teacher Kesha is simply outstanding.  She is calm, kind, and provides me with special updates that make me feel like Cash is the only child in his room.  Cash told me last night that Kesha is his friend.      There is a lot of child care providers in the GB area, and Bright Beginnings has been a large part of our life.  When your child spends more than 8 hours a day at daycare, I need to have full confidence he is happy, healthy, safe, and learning as he grows.

Beckie – My child’s teacher’s should be appreciated because of the outstanding work that they do.  They go above and beyond to comfort my child when he is upset that we are dropping him off.  On weeks that he only goes half days and the other kids are napping, they do special one-on-one things with him that he loves.  They helped us with potty training and he has not had an accident since we started.  I like that when he comes home and I ask him where he learned something, he tells me “Kesha” or ” Jessica”.  That is very special to me.  He has come a long way since starting in his 2 1/2 year old room.  His speech has improved.  He knows his colors, letters and numbers and comes home singing a lot.  And for that I am Thankful that I know he is well cared for when I am not able to be with him.

Jessica – I love my childcare provider because she treats my daughter with love and respect. My daughter is so excited to see her every day!

Building Blocks (Sobieski)

Anne He gets lots of time spent with him and my child really likes going.

Jesse –   Dependability. Good experience with the teachers.

AndreaThey are reliable, honest, dependable and flexible. Our kids love going there!

JaclynThey are all welcoming and encouraging.  They show that they care for my child and help me feel like he is safe and loved while I am at work.  I also appreciate that they are willing to discuss and work with me on concerns regarding my child’s development.                                                                         

Kim I’ve been taking all three of my children to Building Blocks Daycare since April 2015 and never had a problem at all. It’s very convenient if I have to drop them off earlier or later than what I am scheduled for. Even if I have to change the pick-up/drop-off times all together they work with you. My children learn a lot and they always come home with projects they have made. They have ‘special days’ such as pajama day, bring your favorite book, bring your favorite stuffed animal to daycare, which lets the children bring what they love. I’ve never had a problem with anything from the price to the food to busing or anything. If something such as a scratch happens at daycare they let you know and you have to sign the form of the incident. I couldn’t be happier knowing my children are at a safe place.  I would/do definitely recommend Building Blocks to anyone that needs child care needs!

Heidi There are many reasons why I enjoy bringing my kids to Building Blocks Daycare Center in Sobieski, WI. One of the reasons is the wide variety of food that is offered during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My kids were picky eaters when they first started attending  Building Blocks but are now more willing to try a variety of foods. I also like that the food is cooked in the kitchen there versus being transported in from somewhere else. Another reason I enjoy bringing my kids there is the opportunities they are given to be creative. My two children are constantly coming home with different projects that are very creative and give them a chance to do something hands-on. I was also very impressed with what my child learned when he was three (curriculum-wise). He came home and knew all the days of the week, the months of the year, and was even able to count to 15 in Spanish. This same child was a very shy and anxious boy when he first attended Building Blocks. However, through social opportunities and experiences there he has blossomed and has turned into a very social child. I also appreciate that there are field trips offered once a week in the summer. My older son gets to experience a variety of different places in the community through these field trips.

Brandine Family oriented and well organized

MelissaPositive vibes and we all treat one another with respect.

LauraFamily friendly, organized.

JessicaIt’s very welcoming. Treats you like family. Organized.

McKenzieThey’re well organized and great staffing.


Mom Away From Mom- Cindy Woyak

VickiShe cares and loves our son just like we do! She has helped us as 1st time parents in more way than one! Love Miss Cindy.

LukeCindy takes pride in the families she cares for and loves the kids & teaches them real world skilled.

CP Early Education and Care

AmandaMaryPat and Ali – We love all of the childcare providers at Common Paths because they clearly love their jobs and love the kids! MaryPat and Ali make us feel comfortable leaving our son all day because we know he will get all of the love and attention he needs. The fact that they can get 8 one-year-olds to do anything all at the same time is a source of constant astonishment for me. We love seeing all of the new things our son is learning each day with them. Thank you for everything you do!

Country Angels Child Care

Ashley – We love Jan because she is kind hearted, sweet, loving, and compassionate. We also love Jan because she treats us like family. She cares about what is going on outside of daycare as well as we care about her personal life. She is willing to do whatever we need her to do as well as us doing whatever she needs from us. As a person Jan is great but as a daycare provider she is fantastic. Our girls love her. When they are not at Jan’s they say how much they miss her. Having my girls go to Jan’s for daycare has been the best decision because I feel like they are getting the same amount of care that they get at home. They look to Jan like another grandma. Thank you Jan for all you do! We appreciate everything!

Cuddle Care

Brooke & FemiBecause they get kids, they relate and teach the kids @ their level. They respect the children and in return the kids love their teachers, as do their parents!

MelissaTammy is always there to greet us with a smile. She goes the extra mile. She sent me pictures/texts every haft hour because she knew I was an anxious new mom. She is always getting things to improve the daycare. She every time washed my daughter’s clothe dipper after an accident. She really takes the to know the families!

Leah – We love Cuddle Care because our daughter loves it! Leaving your child in someone else’s  care for 40 hours a week is tough, but knowing your child is important and truly cared for makes it a little less stressful. Cuddle care has a structured “class” every day and it has helped prepare our child for an easy transition from day care to school.

Jessica – Becky has always been wonderful with our children.  She truly cares for them and for us.  She goes out of her way to help the children in her care with whatever needs they may have in a given time.  For instance, we currently have a great deal of trouble brushing our almost-two-year-old son’s teeth, so Becky asked us to bring a tooth brush to leave with her so she can work on it.  Also, our five-year-old daughter loves books, so when we’ve had behavioral issues with her, Becky has let her borrow books to bring home each day when she has good behavior – it’s been a great motivator in our family!  I’ve seen Becky do similar for other families, as well.  She’s gone so far as to organize a small food drive for the mom of a child in her care who fell on hard times.  Becky goes above and beyond, and we are extremely fortunate to have been taken into her daycare family.

Elizabeth – Playing in trees, growing bugs & plants. Hatching eggs. Reading books. Art, Music, Friend.

Elizabeth – Cuddle Care is a great facility. My daughters tried 2 daycares before this one. They allow kids to be kids. They play outside!!! Climb trees & get dirty.

Andrea – They make me feel like my kids are their Kids!  They love them and give them hugs and make them feel safe always.  They keep me updated always via messages either on my phone or hand written.  We love cuddle care!

Christina – My kiddos LOVE Cuddle Care.  Even on days they don’t have to go to daycare, they ask to go.  They love the teachers and they especially love outside time.  They get to explore and play and learn all in one!

Ashley – Our childcare provider is a locally owned provider that not only is a safe stable place for our children but she brings her own morals and values into the daycare and feels as though she’s an extension of our family. All of the teachers genuinely care for our children and go above and beyond daily with helping our children grow. Would not go anywhere else and refer everyone I know there!


Door County YMCA- Barker Center

GinaEach teacher listed is with one of my two daughters. Jenna goes above & beyond her call of duty & keeps us up to date. My daughter loves her. Sara is so good with the babies, my daughter included. You can tell she loves her job.

Megan – The other night, I was quizzing my two year old son by asking him questions about his family members. When I asked him, “How many moms do you have?” He replied, “I have two moms.” I was surprised by his response, so I asked, “Who?” He pointed at me and said, “You!” Then I asked him who his other mom was and he replied, “Miss Kambria!” My heart melted. I smiled and asked him, “Miss Kambria takes care of you like mommy does when mommy goes to work, doesn’t she?” And he said “Yeah!” I am so lucky to have such a wonderful childcare provider that takes care of my child when I am unable to be there!

Gina – She has open communication & wants the kids to excel. My daughter loves her.

Gina – She really cares about the kids & loves her job.

Encompass Early Education and Care

Ashley – Ms. Janet is the BEST! She has been with Encompass for over 25 years. She’s always happy, gives warm greetings, and just a kind person. She works with the 1 year old and is always helping them grow and learn. Just today my son came home and learned the balloon breathing technique. He may not understand it now, but one day it might really work for him. She makes the kiddos laugh and snuggles them when they are sad. Toddlers aren’t easy, but Ms. Janet lets you know that your child is well cared for and loved. She’s truly a great provider! We adore her and so does my son!

D’Anna JanikWe love our childcare provider because it’s family friendly, gives back to the community, and helps single parent families afford childcare.

Laura – 5 star facility, we learn a lot of compassion, empathy and tools for success, and we have fun field trips. 🙂

NatalieThey always give my son the attention he needs and have helped him grow tremendously!

Kathy – I love svrl of the  teachers that are at Encompass-Cornerstone Center.  Megan and Jane are his current teachers and they care about my son.  They give my son hugs when I drop him off each morning when he needs extra love. They listen to me and my child and they are interested in knowing about my son and put that knowledge into play each day they work with him.   They communicate about what is going on in the program and with my son each day.  They have good approaches in helping the children as they learn, play and interact with each other…. And are esp good with approaches in tough moments. I hear please and thank you’s.  My son likes his teachers; he feels comfortable in their care.

Tanya – It’s a second home to Ace who has been going there since he was just 4 months old and he celebrates his 5th birthday this June! The center is very clean, organized, well laid out, many communication avenues to keep parents and children updated, and shows much structure which is imperative in terms of child development and busy working families.    I am Grandma and legal guardian to Ace and the center, including the Director Sue have always gone above and beyond to work with me whether it be on his daycare funding, his emotional support, as well as helping myself and Kurt as taking on our grandson has meant many changes for us as well.    This provider has gone the extra mile in seeing Ace as a little boy with many unforeseen and unchosen hurtles and they do ALL they can to insure they are a positive stability in his development.    Could not have made Ace so amazing, smart, caring, and healthy if it was not for this daycare team helping us every step of the way.     They have proven that there are still many people in this profession that do their job to help make a positive difference in the lives of our children 🙂    Thank you Encompass  De Pere Childcare Center Staff!!! You are ALL AMAZING!!!

Randy – We have been with Encompass since Jan of 2016.  It has never really been a challenge to get our son to go to “school” because he truly has a great time there everyday.  the kids get plenty of outside time to play and have projects in the classroom to encourage growth and development.  I can tell they are teaching at an early age because he has come home counting, singing the ABC song and a variety of other nursery rhyme songs.  I hope they continue to be successful when we add our second child in later this year

Kristin – They are great with the children.  My son loves making projects.

Cory – We have had all three of our children attend Encompass- and all three have grown because of the care, love, friendship, and teachings that all of the staff have provided over the years.

Nicole – Encompass  in DePere has been a wonderful choice for our daughter.  Even during the tour, the teachers made us feel welcome.  Our daughter started in the infant room and absolutely loved her teachers and still does.  She waves and gives hugs even though she’s in a new room.  Her current teachers in the Busy Bees room are so wonderful.  And I appreciate the honesty from both teachers and administrators.  Our daughter gets excited about going to school because of the love and care she is provided every day.  Even during a challenging time where our child was getting bit a lot, the teachers and directors were having open conversations with us.  I appreciated their level of transparency and genuine care for the situation and both children.  Makes me happy to be sending her there and highly recommend Encompass.

Ali – The teachers at Encompass make me feel so comfortable with my child!  They are helpful and take time to discuss my questions if I call them, and they take such good care of my baby.  I had no worries leaving my baby there and they do an amazing job taking care of him!


First Preschool & Daycare

J.R. & AnnaThey share our same parenting philosophy. They explain and teach. They listen to the kids and sincerely care for & love them. They focus on making learning fun with faith at the rods.

Joe & TeresaAll the teachers and staff provide my child with a safe, loving and caring environment. The hands on learning is exceptional!

RachelHeather Maifroid- She is so patient & caring- especially the little ones! She is always bright & smiley & accommodating. We truly appreciate everything!

Teri Nancy Martinez- I really feel that Miss Nancy truly loves my child.  She continually looks for ways to provide a safe, caring, loving environment that encourages my child to learn and grow.  She keeps me up to date on what my son is learning in day care so that we can provide a consistent experience at home, and she passes on tips and tricks that may help us to work through tough experiences at home such as sleeping and transitioning to solid foods.  We are so grateful for Miss Nancy’s presence in our lives!

Angela – First Preschool and Daycare treats us like we’re family. The teachers are amazing and you can tell they truly love what they do…our children are their number one priority. The teachers are so creative and talented…the art projects that our children bring home are so adorable. First Preschool stands apart from other daycare’s in so many ways. Besides the dedicated teachers, the center focuses on child enrichment by offering the children a weekly music class, as well as a weekly movement and dance class, “Kids on the Move.” First Preschool is located downtown in Green Bay, which allows our children to be within walking distance to various parks, as well as the library and splash pads in the summer, which they enjoy very much. The center is located in the basement of our church and the outdoor space they have to play does not have a swing set. At first I was a little bummed by that, but it’s actually turned out to be one of my favorite things! The children use their imagination when they play outside and I love hearing stories on the car ride home about what “make-believe” game our kids played that day. All in all, First Preschool is a wonderful place and we are pleased to call it our “home away from home.”

Teri Yvonne Gay- I really feel that Miss Vonnie truly loves my child.  She has been instrumental in his adjustment into to day care and his continued personal development.  She continually looks for ways to provide a safe, caring, loving environment that encourages my child to learn and grow.  She keeps me up to date on what my son is learning in day care so that we can provide a consistent experience at home, and she passes on tips and tricks that may help us to work through tough experiences at home such as sleeping and transitioning to solid foods.  We are so grateful for Miss Vonnie’s presence in our lives!

Megan – First and foremost, I love our provider because of the size of the center. It is small so we know all of the teachers and all of the teachers know our child. I love that we walk in and no matter who is closing the center that night, they know us by name and are always able to share detailed information about our child’s day. We know the children in our child’s group, but also the other children because you always see them, as they are not spread throughout a huge, sprawling building.     Our childcare provider is located in our church so it is familiar to us and our child. We are there on Sundays, Wednesday nights, and he attends there every day, each week. It truly is a second home for all of us! Whether it is Sunday or Thursday morning, our son is familiar with his surroundings and knows that whoever is caring for him, loves him! The church nursery staff ask him where the toys belong during clean up time because he knows!     Our childcare provider includes a Christian component, which is important to us. They take biblical stories and teach the characters but also relate it to life’s most important lessons. Social and emotional development and learning is most important at First Preschool. With that in place, children soak up the rest, including ABCs and 123s! Our three year old is counting, learning the letters of not only his name, but all of his little friends’ names! He is able to focus long enough to complete a 48 piece puzzle by himself, but he runs, plays, climbs and identifies all of the downtown landmarks and parks from their walks and outings.     As an early childhood educator, myself, and a former employee of First Preschool & The Baby Place, I am a tough one to satisfy when it comes to childcare because I know all of the rules childcare providers need to follow and I know the best practices for early childhood education. First Preschool has it all in place! The staff is always exploring new ideas and techniques, but still committed to using those trusted techniques that never fail. They are flexible, loving, professional, fun, and the list goes on!    First Preschool & Daycare includes everything that a child needs to grow and develop, but most importantly, they recognize how important it is to be a kid and that is their primary focus! I am so glad to have First Preschool caring for our son – I don’t know what I would do without them!

Rena – My kids are happy there.  They can play with their friends, color pictures, do origami, play outside, and be happy.

Amy – I know my son is safe. I’m never worried! They all care above & beyond!

Brad – They treat our daughter great and genuinely care for the babies at their facility.


JamLES Childcare

Tara – Lori Cares so much about our child. The peace of mind I have when leaving our daughter in her care, knowing she loves and cares about them as much as anyone is priceless.

Melissa – Mrs. Lori Spends Countless hours planning activities and lessons that encourage our daughter to learn and to grow physically and emotionally, and she encourages the kids to be their unique selves.

Mitchell – Lori runs a very well organized and safe in home daycare. She is very transparent with us and communicates regularly. She is very trustworthy and takes excellent care of our daughter.


JV Kids LLC DBA Casco Kidz Zone

Jennifer – Ms. Lisa is WONDERFUL! She is Excellent at what she does. Both of my boys had her as a teacher and they learned so much from her. Our family can’t thank her enough!

Brandi – They show a genuine love for my child. Always smiling, positive attitudes. Sooooo thankful for them!

Amanda – They do a great job teaching & playing with the children. Our daughter looks forward to going every day.


Christina – I love the staff i feel they all genuinely love and care for all the kids no matter their age. I love how the teachers are into development from the beginning when they are babies. The teachers are constantly looking for new education techniques. When we were looking for a daycare we went to many places but when we first walked into Kids In Motion you could feel a calmness and it was very organized right from the front door. I hope we are able to let our toddler grow all the way here until he is too old for daycare.

Lisa – Kidz in Motion has very devoted teachers who treat my children like their very own!  They are very compassionate and understanding.  My boys love going to daycare every day, and it makes me so happy to know they are happy!  There are many days they do not want to leave daycare, when I’m ready to pick them up.  Kidz in Motion provides my boys with activities that are engaging, hands-on, and fun!  Plus, I can’t say enough about their teachers!  They take classes to better their education and are life-long learners.  I feel my kids are in the hands of quality care givers!  Kidz in Motion has been our second family since my kids started going there.  I cannot say enough about how much I love that place!

Katie – They are trusting, loving and put the kids first always! I feel safe and trust in their values and policies.  I feel like a part of a family with all the staff. It is a relief to be able to feel so comfortable in dropping my young boys off and trusting in their hands every day all day! They are all truly the best childcare there is!

Hayley –  The day I found out my son had a rare genetic disorder called MCADD, at three days old, was the day I started trying to figure out if I could financially be a stay at home mom. After weeks of crunching numbers, we decided as a family that it just wasn’t feasible and that daycare was still the best option for our son starting at 8 weeks old. I had called Kidz in Motion to make sure that they were going to be able to meet Caden’s needs. That they could follow a strict feeding schedule, that they could provide his daily medicine, and that they would monitor him daily just as I would at home. The staff assured me that everything I needed them to do, they were capable of. I still had one week until I brought him in, and the countdown of him going to daycare became more and more stressful.  The day to bring Caden to Kidz in Motion for the first full day had arrived. Many tears were shed the night before, however the day of I was oddly calm. My husband and I dropped Caden off together and left him in the hands of Miss Jessica and Miss Bridget.     I honestly cannot put in to words, the amazing work that the Kidz in Motion staff has done. Every day since the first day, it’s like leaving Caden with family. I’m greeted at the door, asked how our night and weekend had been. They have never missed a feeding. They call me anytime he has signs that might lead toward illness, which for Caden could turn into a metabolic crisis. They know exactly what I’m going to ask for, and already have the data for me. They monitor him so closely, and even the float staff knows what to look for. I thought leaving Caden with “strangers” was going to be one of the hardest things I would have to do. They even called to check in when Caden had his first hospitalization due to MCADD. But Kidz in Motion has turned into family…. people who care about Caden just as much as I do. Miss Bridget, Miss Jessica, Miss Karisa, Miss Stephanie, and the rest of the staff all care about the children. Does it get any better than that? They play on the floor with babies, do crafts, even though the young ones can’t quite participate.     I know, without a fraction of a doubt, that Caden is in the right place during the day, when his Dad and I need to be working to provide for the family. They spend more waking hours with him during the week than I do, and I wouldn’t pick any other daycare to do this. I refer people to Kidz in Motion frequently, and hope that they get the chance to love their Childcare Provider as much as I do.     Kidz in Motion deserves to be recognized. Not only for their attention to all of the children, but their attention to detail for children with deficiencies, for their welcoming atmosphere and for the way they light up the children’s faces. I am happy to drop him off there every morning. And Caden frequently babbles about “what he did at daycare with Miss Bridget and Miss Jessica.” And it’s always good things 😉

Sarah – We love Kidz in Motion because they truly care about our son.  We switched him from another daycare when he was about 20 months.  I was so nervous and felt guilty that I was pulling him away from his friends at his old daycare.  From the first day he was at Kidz in Motion I know I did the right thing.  He has blossomed and grown so much, he no longer cries every day when I leave him.  He feels comfortable at daycare and I feel comfortable leaving him.  I get great reports every single day about the fun he had.  He does more arts and crafts and sensory activities than he ever did at his old daycare.  I am due with our second little one and I don’t feel the least bit stressed about bringing her to daycare like I was with my son.  I know she will be in good hands.

Sara – I believe everyone there genuinely loves what they do and takes tremendous pride in how my children develop under their guidance. The staff feels like family and we are lucky they are a part of our lives!

Kristin We love our daycare and all of the teachers there. They genuinely care about our child and our child’s life. I always feel comfortable leaving her there with them, as they take such good care of her.    They always have great activities planned for the children as well. Lots of learning!

Skyler – They truly care about each child like they are their own! They know every child throughout the day care and take time to get to know each child on an individual basis. I could not pick a more perfect “school” for my child to learn and blossom into who she is meant to be. A huge thank you to all of you ladies!





Amanda Teachers are so wonderful with the kids – Very knowledgeable – My child is always top priority – Director and assistant director are very involved and down to earth – all my kids love going to daycare

Heather They are very understanding and extremely supportive through many hurdles and obstacles that my family has been going through the last year. They truly care about our family and wanting to make sure everything is going good. I love walking into my center and knowing that people care about myself and my children.

Jessica They do awesome with my son!  I can tell that they truly care about him.  Whenever I pick him up he is always doing an activity and he tells me what he has done/learned that day.  He has a great connection with them and I can tell that he has fun and really enjoys being there.  Even when I have the opportunity to drive him to school he tells me “no I want to go to little school first”.  It is really comforting to hear (even though I would like to take him to school once in a while).  Emmy is a great Director.  She is always available to listen and she takes care of any issues or concerns right away, and she will talk to me like a friend and not just like I am a customer.  She makes me feel very comfortable.

Chelsea – Ms. Shaquil is the best teacher and my son loves her.  He asks to bring items to school just to show her, or will mention her at home and how he’s going to tell her about what He is doing.  She always engages in conversation with phoenix and had something to add, even if it’s only about power rangers.  She asks him every day how his morning, night or weekend was and listens to his response.  I know he appreciates get immensely.

Carynda I Love Kindercare and all the staff at my location!  I feel like they all truly care about my little one. It makes me feel great knowing that the people I trust to care for my little are doing because they care!

TanaThey love our children & foster children like their own and prone support& flexibility when times get emotional hard for the kids Always there for our family.

Amanda – I love Cormier Kindercare because the teachers and directors go above and beyond. I was struggling financially and they helped me tremendously, by giving my daughter a Christmas I wouldn’t have been able to. They truly understand the struggles of single parenting. We are blessed to have found them!

Mike and Jessy – I love Ms. Heidi and the rest of the KinderCare staff because they generally care about my daughter!  I also love how friendly everyone is and how they invited us to be part of their little family!

MelindaThe staff have proven the extended care for my grandsons so many times. The Director goes above and beyond keeping me in the loop with them and making sure they always feel comfortable. The staff care deeply for my grandsons with the emotional scars they have and all the things they do is so heartwarming and grateful. The hugs and little treats they get when they are down or when they do an awesome job mean a lot to my grandsons. The love and attention received by the staff is and will always be remembered.

Tabitha – I love the energy the teachers have! My daughter learns so much so fast and she’s getting the education she needs at her age! The teachers really listen to me and my requests when it comes to guidelines with my children so that we are both on the same page…..not only with their learning but also with their structure! Teachers and office girls do a great job keeping me up to date with everything going on around the center!

AmberI love my children’s childcare providers because they are simply amazing! They always go above and beyond what is expected to help all the families that go there. My kids love all of the teachers there. They are considered family to us.

Kassandra – This is my first time using a day care system for my son and despite him not likening nap time but what child does when there’s so much to do there. I can tell my son loves it there getting to interacts with new kids besides his family play with so many different toys and activities to do. Even though he is young I love the arts and crafts he brings home makes me so happy. Kindercare really makes it feel comfortable as soon as you walk in everybody knows your names and it’s just so comforting to have that with a day care. Its right by my school and it works so well with my schedule and I love it. The teachers the instructors they are all amazing . Thank you for all that you guys do for me and my son.

Leora – They are very caring and show each and every child love and attention. They provide a healthy and relaxed environment. Very well at communication about my child’s wellbeing at the daycare. Very clean place. And not overcrowded like other daycares. Thanks very much

Janice – I am a single grandmother raising a beautiful granddaughter. KinderCare on Taylor Street has provided a home away from home for her since she was 7 months old. KinderCare is still going strong meeting her care needs. For nine years, they have provided a safe, wonderful environment that makes it feel like a second home!  The peace of mind it’s provided me has enabled me to stay focused on work. There is no way I could have done this alone and am truly grateful they came threw with flying colors.    Kinder Care’s staff has been fabulous and genuinely caring all these years. It will be a great memory for her to look back on with plenty of pictures provided over the years by KinderCare. I couldn’t be more proud to nominate them for Child Care Provider Appreciation Day. They truly are deserving and much more! They have without a doubt, been my life line!

Emily – I love that there is a safe, educational place that I can trust my whole world to, knowing that the providers have her best interests at heart.

Julie – We love our Kindercare family because that is exactly what they are-family! The staff at Kindercare love our children. They take such a great care of them-physically, socially and emotionally.  Each day when we bring our kids there, we are welcomed by name.  My kids aren’t just cared for by their teachers, but all teachers, the assistant director and director.  They take a personal interested in not only our kids, but our family. They provide a safe, loving environment every day.  Our kids are learning so much from being there and they love to go to school. We never have to worry about the care that they are getting.  The Kindercare curriculum is great too. Our kids have their days filled with so many fun activities-stories, songs, crafts, sensory activities, outdoor play, thematic activities, etc.  My almost 3 year old runs her own circle time at home with all the things she’s learned at school.  Our family is so grateful to Kindercare for helping us raise our kids.  We can’t imagine not having our kids there!


Menominee Indian Childhood Services Head Start


Samantha – Menominee Indian Childhood Services Head Start is the best because the teachers really care about the children and the staff works hard to make sure everyone feels welcome.




Jacy They love my child as if she were their very own.

Kirsten – Ms. Sue and everyone at Oconto Area Child Care Center provide a nurturing environment for our daughter.  As first time parents, we were overwhelmed by the responsibility of picking the best care.  From our daughter’s first day and every day since, I know we made the right decision for our family.    Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming each morning.  We are greeted with good mornings and hellos, and addressed by our names.  It is such a nice touch that all the staff know us, even if they aren’t directly working with our daughter.  Her interaction with each staff member makes it clear that, even in a center, they are a family.  The daily updates are very helpful.  All the staff keep us informed of new favorite foods or activities, “crabby days”, and routine changes.  As a first time mom, I appreciate their willingness to listen to my questions and provide support to my new-mom insecurities.    Ms. Sue’s lesson plans are awesome!  She exposes our daughter to a variety of enriching activities.  Many of the projects are ones I would never have thought of myself.  I’m grateful for the many activities she has been exposed to and interests she has developed from the well thought out learning tasks.  As teachers, my husband and I place a high value on reading.  It is clear that reading and book time are valued at the center.  Our daughter has favorite books and absolutely loves to being read to, whether in a lap or classroom style!    The Oconto Area Child Care Center and all of the caring staff, especially Ms. Sue, have enhanced our daughter’s life.  We are so thankful they’ve come into our lives.

Alyssa – They take awesome care of my toddler. He has been that since 12 weeks old. He loves all of the teachers

Scott   – Owner and workers are top notch!  Willing to do anything for the children!

Sarah – They provide the care and love I need to know my kiddo is receiving when I cannot do it myself. He wouldn’t be there if we weren’t absolutely certain they didn’t feel this way.

Betty – The teachers are so wonderful and very willing to work with changing schedules. They understand that life happens, and I’m very thankful for that!

Suzanne – Makes parents comfortable with leaving their child.

Braden – They help us by making food, and by toys for us.

Riley – You are very very nice and we have a lot of things to pick from to play with and read.

Faith – Thay help my parinit’s so thay can get more money for my food and thay helped my mom get money for my hart I have a hart deduct.

Brigette – We love Oconto Area Non-Profit Child Care because the teachers really care for each child. They encourage the children to grow and learn. I’m constantly amazed by the development that I observe in my children, and credit Oconto Area Non-Profit Child Care for role in that development. Their emphasis on learning through play is fantastic! It all fits with the lesson plans so well – I was impressed when I became aware of all the behind the scenes work that the teachers have to do (And yes, I call them teachers, not baby-sitters!!!)    Choosing a caregiver for your most precious gift(s) is a serious decision for any parent. I feel blessed each day that I found Oconto Area Non-Profit Child Care and that they are part of our family.




Jamie Roxann-Our sitter has taken special care of both of our kids since they were a couple months old. She loves them like her own, does fun crafts & celebrates all occasions.

Toni Roxann- because she is a part of our family and my daughter is so fortunate to be part of her daycare P.A.L.S. There’s not enough room to be able to express why we love Roxann and everything she does and provides to our daughter! 🙂

EmilyRoxann Z-She goes above and beyond her care provider role to accommodate my son’s needs. She genuinely cats about the kids and I feel good dropping my baby off there when I have to go to work.


Precious Cargo


Karla – We have had Sheri for about 10 yrs. Now. She does an awesome job with the kids from projects to teaching them new things. She is very caring with all the kids.

Katie – Our provider is a very caring person.  She treats my daughter like she was her own.  She shows true care, concern and compassion.  She is easy to get along with and had taught our daughter so many things.  Our daughter is an only child so the interaction she gets at our day care is such a great things for her.  I truly appreciate all Sheri does for us.

Tanya – Since I have enrolled my child into Sheris daycare she has been singing her ABCs and counting to 10 at age 2.  This is fabulous! Her manners are excellent and she is on a schedule! Sheri cares for her little ones as if they were her own!! She is caring, loving and takes pride in what she does. I love getting art projects!!! Sheri also makes sure that every child is loved and cared for! Every kid that gets dropped off is always eager to start their day with her!

Cori – Sheri is patient and caring.  She is always teaching the kids new things and has fun activities planned every day.  My children enjoy going to Sheri’s daycare because they are treated with kindness and respect.  I feel comfortable sending my children to Sheri’s because I know they are well cared for and in very good hands.




Tara They treat my son like family!  I truly feel like he’s loved there.

Penny They are the most amazing, loving staff of people. I’ve never met people who have been so invested in my kids and so accepting of all their individuality immediately. They are firm but fair and so, so loving. I could go on and on.

Ashley – Ms. Dina is the absolute best! I am thrilled that my daughter gets to spend her days w/such a devout Christian &fun teacher. She has made daycare a joy. Dina is really a bessing to our family.


Shining Stars Daycare


AllisonMy daughter never cries when I drop her off. Tatiana & Rachel plan great Activities for the kiddos that are fun & educational.

Chris – The teachers at the facility are caring, nurturing, and creative in the way that they instruct.  They focus on such a wonderful curriculum that involves integrating nature with age appropriate activities to bring learning to life.  The clear indication of success is the continued development of our child.  After starting his time at Shining Stars, he has become almost instantly more talkative, outgoing, inquisitive, and is clearly more comfortable around other people.  The mix of inclusive activities and one-on-one time allows each child the opportunity to learn based on his or her unique needs.  When starting at Shining Stars, we did not actually need child care, but instead chose to enroll our son for the exposure.  Since then, we’ve increased the amount of time he spends at Shining Stars due to his experience and growth.

Holly – We love the nature based curriculum, and all of the creative projects they plan! There are always new and exciting activities for the kiddos, and my daughter absolutely loves her teachers! A wonderful facility. =]

Kristen – We love Shining Stars! Everyone is so warm and friendly there and all of the teachers know our son by name and always take time to say hello. His teachers, Miss Cody and Miss Summer, are amazing! They do a great job planning activities for the class that are fun and educational. We love getting pictures and updates of his day! I know that when he is with them, not only is he being well taken care of, but he is learning and growing too! They have also done a great job at helping him come out of his shell and participate more. He also loves all of the animals and outdoor activities at Shining Stars. He loves coming home and telling us all about his day!

Stephanie – Starting Point Daycare is amazing.  The best part is I know they actually care about my daughter.  They have positive attitudes and are great at listening to any concerns I may have.

Shari – I LOVE Shining Stars in Hobart, WI. Not only do I love it but both of my children do. After having a hard time conceiving my first child I did not return to my job after maternity leave. When she was 15 months I realized she needed friends, structure and good school. I searched around and fell in love with Shining Stars. They have a different approach to childcare. They are holistic and focus on play and nature. I did not want my child to have a strict curriculum as she is a child. Her job is to be a kid and play. Her teachers also loop with her. This means as she ages she does not just go to a different room but her teachers go with her. I love how she not only sees her teachers as teachers but she loves them in a motherly way. They have seen her grow up as she is now 3. They ask me what we are working on at home and incorporate that into the classroom. They focus on nature and the outdoors. They go on hikes and play outside as much as they can, weather permitting. When I had my second baby I had to delay putting him in daycare due to money and only working part time. The director called me and said, we would love to have your baby let’s see what we can do. They gave me the 2 year old rate which saved me money and allowed us to put him in daycare. He is thriving and loving every minute of it. They are also breastfeeding friendly and know the specifics and differences in taking care of a baby who consumes breastmilk. I know my kids are not just learning and being taken care of, they are loved.

Kasie – Shining Stars has been such a wonderful place for our boys.  They have been with the center since they were 7 months old and are now 3.  They love their school, friends, and their teachers!  The teachers do an amazing job each and every day!  I love getting updates throughout my day of what new, fun activity my children are doing.  Our teachers love my boys, and that is so special.  It is a lot easier to be a working mom when I know my children are loved and so well taken care of each day!  I love how excited they get to go to school and to tell me what they did at the end of each day!  What a special place!

Megan – It is hard enough to leave your child with somebody else but seeing how excited my children are when they get to their rooms and how excited their teachers are to see them as well; makes me more at ease knowing that they are going to be in great hands.  I can tell everyone at Shining Stars from the teachers to the cook take great pride in what they do and it is evident in the way they interact and care for the children.  I love how each room has created a Facebook page keeping parents informed of the activities for the days and even posting pictures 🙂  My children are learning and growing every day and I want to thank all the teachers for helping them.  It takes a big heart to do what you guys do and we just want to let you know that you are greatly appreciated.

Jessica – All the teachers at Step Ahead are kind, loving, patient and caring.  We could not take our kids to a better place!

Elizabeth – They really care about my child. They go above and beyond to provide the best care possible. I can trust them and that means a lot.

Jessica – Always going above and beyond for the kids. All the teachers are like extended family!!


Starting Point Daycare


Stephanie – Starting Point Daycare is amazing.  The best part is I know they actually care about my daughter.  They have positive attitudes and are great at listening to any concerns I may have.

Jessica – We love our childcare provider because they are the best. It is easy to trust that my child is in the best hands while my husband and I are working during the day. Our child has grown in many ways and is very smart. We believe that is in big part to her amazing teachers at Starting Point Daycare. All the staff treat us like family. They are very welcoming and friendly. In addition to providing care for our precious little one, they also offer suggestions to help us excel at home.

Beth – All of the staff (teachers AND administration) have made an amazing impact with my son over the past year.  They know him inside and out and teach him each and every day.  My husband and I are so grateful for the care that they provide him!

Step Ahead


Erin – All the teachers and the staff are great! I can tell they really care about each and every kid and their family. The make me feel at ease taking my daughter there when I’m at work!

Stepping Stones

 Cara – I love Stepping Stones Child Care because although they are  daycare center they feel like an in home facility because it is family run. The staff at Stepping Stones are always courteous and are truly interested in not just my child’s life but in my family’s as well. Being a part of Stepping Stones is like being part of an extended family. I feel confident in the care they provide my son and know they care about him just as much as I do. I also truly appreciate all the extra events and crafts they do with the children. Thank you to Stepping Stones Child Care for providing exceptional care to my son and allowing me to work stress free because I know he is being well cared for!

Becky – They are like family!

Carrie – Stepping Stones is an Amazing childcare provider. My daughter has been there for almost two years and in those two years she’s always been up and ready to go each morning. It’s gives me great comfort when we walk in the door each day and walk out each night that she is always smiling. The teachers at Stepping Stones are very caring and easy to talk to. If you ever have questions about anything they are always there to help. The classrooms are great, each with their own decorations from the kids and all the projects they do are fantastic. It’s a wonderful feeling to know my daughter is going somewhere every day that she’s happy with, can feel safe and loved, and where she also learns. I can’t imagine her going anywhere else.

Achilla – “I can’t nominate just one person they are all so sweet & nice”

Tammy’s Toddlers- Tammy McAllister

Mishelle – Tammy McAllister- She is always spending time helping our son learn.

Lynnett – Tammy loves and cares for each child as if she was their mother, only better. She teachers; be it kindness, sharing or basic education. The children are excited to learn and just be in her presence.


Tender Hearts Learning Center

Jen – I love all of the activities and attention that my children get. Staff really care about the kids and find ways to make learning fun.

Barb – Great with the kids, flexible with schedules and dependable!

Kelly & Rhianna – They provide such a great environment for the kids. They really care about my child. They teach her a lot. The teachers are awesome! I know my daughter is getting the best care!

Stephanie – The owners and the staff truly care and take interest in each child. I feel good knowing my children are in great hands when I have to be away from them.


The Baby Place

Sara – Vonnie Gay- She has been there for my daughter since day 1, always looking out foe her and her momma 🙂 Respectful! TRUSTWORTHY.

Rebecca – Since the day our daughter started at The Baby Place, we could tell she was loved and cared for all day. Vonnie answered our “first-time” parent questions, and continues to make communication a priority. We know our daughter is in great hands while we’re at work!

Teri – I really feel that Miss Heather truly loves my child.  She has been instrumental in his continued personal development & continually looks for ways to provide a safe, caring, loving, and respectful environment that encourages my child to learn & grow. She keeps me updated to date on what my child is learning in day care so we can provide a consistent experience at home & she passes on tips that may help us work through challenges at home with sleeping & eating solid foods. We are so grateful for Miss Heather’s presence in our lives!!!

KatieNancy Malfroid, All of the providers at The Baby Place are phenomenal. They take great care of our little girl and we have comfort in knowing that she’s in safe and kind hands.

Kim – I could not ask for a better childcare provider! All of the teachers and volunteers love our little one as their own – it is obvious when you see the interaction between them. This is extra meaningful to our family because none of the grandparents live close by, so they feel like an extension of our family. In addition to the warm, fuzzy feeling they give us, they are great teachers. They keep the kiddos engaged by rotating toys and activities in the classroom, going for walks to the library and doing lots of art projects. I am amazed by the things I see her doing that she learned at daycare! I couldn’t ask for anything more from a childcare provider!!

Katie – All of the providers at The Baby Place are phenomenal. They take great care of our little girl and we have comfort in knowing that she’s in safe and kind hands.


Tiny Town Childcare Center 

Jennifer – I love my child’s teacher, Ms. Jessica! She makes my daughter feel comfortable giving lots of hugs and snuggles and comforting her when she is sad. When I can’t be there, I know she is getting the needed attention and affection she needs as a toddler. This age can be very challenging and I know Ms. Jessica doesn’t lose her temper with the children and is understanding of their need to explore and push the boundaries and test what they can do and are capable of. She is in such good hands with Ms. Jessica!

Colleen We love our teachers, Heidi and Tina, from Tiny Town Childcare, Bellevue!  Our teachers are so respectful, they give amazing individualized attention to our son, as well as his classmates!  Our teachers have our young son participate in craft projects, reading, walks outside, so much fun activity! Their communication has been very good, which is key for a sleep-deprived, new mother and father when we may need friendly feedback from the staff, or learn about events happening throughout the facility!     Our son is now 6 months old, and before starting at Tiny Town our teachers were so nice to let us drop in to meet them and their class, feel comfortable in our baby’s new environment and get to know them as individuals! This was made ALL the difference in making his first day at Tiny Town with his teachers, as comfortable as it was!!  We love the facility and other support staff as well! Our son doesn’t even eat food yet, but the chef knows him by name!  As a breastfeeding mother I also LOVE that the facility is breastfeeding friendly, with special education for the staff, a great respect for my needs, and a special room for breastfeeding which is so nice and accommodating! I feel so welcome and comfortable at Tiny Town! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience these past few months!

Jackie – I love our childcare provider because all of the teachers know my children and are so good with them. You can tell they go above and beyond and have a bond with my children.

Lori Do you ever read the Scary Mommy Blog? It makes me feel normal every day, that I’m not alone…that I’m not a bad mom….with added humor…  Braxten “The Sir” has been attending Tiny Town since I could afford to send him there at 8 months old (ok, who can really afford daycare, and why do workers get paid so little!?)…. I have been a single parent to him that entire time. Without the staff at daycare being his incredible caregivers, I wouldn’t be able to make it. There was even a period of time when I became very ill. When he would flop to the ground (seemed like every day) and I couldn’t lift him, teachers (2 in particular) would meet me in the hallway to help me, show concern for my health, share in my joys, tell me funny stories (there are a few who seem to only tell the negative) and gently tell me if there is a concern I need to hear. They always offer reassuring and encouraging words – “you’re doing a good job mom”, “my kids do it too”, etc. I would sometimes arrive crying in frustration, but leave and sit in my car crying because someone cared….someone saw me, someone understood….Brax was going to be ok..  I wasn’t completely messing him up…  These teachers go above and beyond taking care of The Sir every day…they also make me feel normal and not so alone as a parent. If I were to win, they both deserve certificates (they can have mine), so I’m putting both names (I mean seriously, anyone who takes care of that many children all day is a hero!!!).

LauraThe teachers & other staff are amazing & truly care about the kids. The center itself is spacious & bright. Good Choice!

AshleyMs. Dina is the absolute best! I am thrilled that my daughter gets to spend her days w/such a devout Christian &fun teacher. She has made daycare a joy. Dina is really a blessing to our family.

Emily – Why you love your child care provider: We love Alyssa because she is an amazing teacher and care give to my child.  She always greets us with a smile and asks how we are doing.  She shows constant love to my child and takes care of her every need.  She goes above and beyond to make the classroom a place of great learning/exploring/ and fun.  She communicates well with me to let me know what is going on each day.  I know my child is well taken care of when she is in Alyssa’s care.


Under the Rainbow

Melissa – Our daughter is now 9 yrs. old and has been with UTR since she was a baby.  They do amazing job, caring for, teaching, comforting and challenging my child when I am not able to.  More than words can say….I appreciate Under the Rainbow.

Wausaukee Little Learners Center


Laura – WLLC feels like as extension of our family. The staff & Director truly care for every child. Priceless!

Laura – WLLC feels like as extension of our family. The staff & Director truly care for every child. Priceless!

Nicole – Very hand on- Great group of ladies- Teach our children in fun environment <3 art projects- Keep parents updated.

Sophia & Alison – Because I get to learn new things every day and play with my friends.

Kendra – I love my child care provider because they can get my children to school and from school without having to find someone to get them for me.

Kendra – I love my child care provider because all the teachers genuinely care about the children. The teachers are very friendly to me and my children.

Sara – My daughter loves going there! They interact with her all the time and when I pick her up she doesn’t want to leave.

Hazel – We love our childcare provider because all the helpers and teachers are so helpful and compassionate. My child has special needs and everyone treats him with respect and allows him to play and enjoy himself. The providers have great meals that they serve family style and always have fun activities like nature walks and obstacle courses. The provider is also located inside his school and is just two rooms down the hall. The convenience of this is so great. He can also ride the bus to and from.  All of his providers are super​ and make his days there filled with fun and learning!!

Bonnie – They show kindness and patience to my 3 year old son logan who is not used to being around children and other adults.

Hanmiao – Reason I love my child care: Wausaukee Little Learners’ Center has a wonderful, caring team for my child. They are developing curriculum and activities to keep my child engaged. I like sending my kid there.

Wee Little Tracks Family

Brandi – Tina VardenHeuvel- She has taught my son so much! She is caring and loving to everyone.

Brenda – Our grandson Frederick and the other children at Wee Little Tracks Family Child Care are very fortunate that Mrs Tina is their child care provider as she engages them in activities and crafts pertaining to every day life! She teaches them sign language and takes them on field trips. She gets them outside even in winter for a little exercise. The children love her! I know Frederick gets upset when it’s clean up time after making crafts and he is not quite 18 months old! Mrs Tina is deserving of a day of pampering!

Kirsten – We love our provider because we know our son is safe and well loved while we can’t be with him.  Mrs. Tina loves him as her own.  He has learned so much in the months he’s been with her, even at his young age!

Nikki – Miss Tina VandenHuevel for Wee Little Tracks is absolutely amazing!  She has been caring for my daughter since she was 6 weeks old.  My daughter is now 5.  Miss Tina treats my daughter as her own.  She has gone above and beyond to make her home a caring and safe environment for my daughter.  She has helped out when we needed care for our older daughter as well!  My girls know that Miss Tina loves and cares for them.   Also, my daughter has learned skills the same as she would have in a preschool/4k setting.  Miss Tina is wonderful in every way!

Ann – Mrs Tina takes excellent care of our grandson. She exposes all of her young charges to many facets of nature including hatching chicks in the spring, taking nature walks to gather leaves and assorted natural items. She completes crafts appropriate for all ages she tends. The children are read books relevant to the time of year; celebrate holidays including Dr Suess’ Birthday, the arrival of spring. Mrs Tina takes the children to the park, provides nutritious lunches, special foods on special days. All children celebrate their birthdays with their own crown and a small gift. Parents of the children also participate in celebrations with appropriate snacks. She is awesome, teaching the children American Sign Language and educating in loving ways! We are extremely blessed to have her caring for our grandson!

Chelsey – We love how Mrs. T offers a safe and loving environment.  Not only is our son learning to share, take his turn and use nice words but Mrs. T also provides a solid foundation of basic preschool skills such as teaching him his numbers and letters in addition to singing and arts/crafts.  Mrs. T also offers many enriching activities like hatching baby chicks, growing plants from seeds and making dinosaur tracks outside!  The variety of learning opportunities Mrs. T affords her “Wee Little Ones” are amazing.


You Are My Sunshine


Jill – I nominate You are My Sunshine Day Care because of their amazing staff. Each one of them shows so much care for my daughter. They have goals for her and she has learned so much since she’s been there. I am a returning adult going back to school and I also work. Needless to say, my schedule is very busy. They have been so accommodating to my schedule to allow me to continue on school and still provide for my family.     Every day my daughter enjoys going to day care. She smiles as soon as she sees the staff and always wants to go by them. This just shows how much she enjoys being there!

Amy – Hannah goes above and beyond to love all the children and take care of them as they are her own. She is very kind and giving.

Ted – You Are My Sunshine Childcare has been a wonderful provider. The fact that it is a smaller facility has allowed them to show a level of warmth and acceptance that can be harder to get in the larger facilities. The staff all know my grandson and so do the kids. When he arrives, there are many excited good mornings and at night, many good byes from kids and from staff. They go the extra mile to ensure that his needs are met and to ensure he is happy while giving him the opportunity to grow and learn. Every time I have been there, he has been engaged in an activity built around his developmental level and he loves it. He is excited to go in the morning and even at a year and a half he is excited to show everyone what he had learned that day….even if he doesn’t really understand he is showing us! Keegan and her staff are tremendous. The entire family love this place.

Helen – You Are My Sunshine as a whole facility has been great with my child. They have great communication, great meal plans, and a lot of options for furthering education. I feel that all the child care providers at this facility are fantastic people. My son loves being a part of this day care center.

Alyssa – My son always looks forward to seeing Miss Julie. She’s kind to all the kids and is interested in their well being beyond daycare. He prays for her at night. “I just love her so much,” says my 3 year old son.

Megan – Keegan is truly the greatest provider there is! I trust the care & Love she provides. She truly goes above & beyond in all aspects of my daughter’s care!

Kayla – The staff genuinely care about the children. They seem to love them like their own.

YWCA Child Care and Learning Center

Julie – I love the YWCA because of the teachers and staff.  They do an amazing job with the children.  I could not have asked for a more welcoming and accommodating center who make you feel like family.  Top notch care, high quality teachers, overall amazing.  Can’t say enough about how wonderful this place and its teachers and staff are!!

Vanessa – I would not know what to do if I did not have the YWCA as my children childcare provider. All the teachers have shown all my kids unconditional love. They always update me with any information regarding all my children. I have not have one problem. I absolutely will always recommend the YWCA to anyone looking for a childcare provider!

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