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Community Resources for Parents

  • Wisconsin Childcare Assistance:
  • Salvation Army (Food pantry, clothing, rental assistance, utility assistance, transitional housing, transportation, medical and seasonal assistance): 920-497-7053
  • St. Vincent de Paul (Thrift shop, vouchers for household items, emergency rental assistance, etc.): 920-432-2579
  • Love Life (Basic infant/toddler needs): 920-497-1087 or 920-468-5414
  • Integrated Community Solutions (Rental assistance): 920-498-3737
  • Brown County Human Services (FoodShare, medical assistance, childcare assistance, and energy assistance): 1-888-794-5747
  • WIC (Food and formula vouchers for pregnant women or women with children up to age 5): 920-437-8368 or 920-431-0243
  • Job Center/Forward Services (W-2) (Support in finding & keeping employment): 920-448-6760
  • Foundations Health & Wholeness (Counseling services): 920-437-8256
  • Supporting Families Together Association (For childcare resources outside of Northeast Wisconsin): 888-713-KIDS

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