Child Care Provider Appreciation From Parents

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Parents Tell Us How Much They Appreciate Their Child Care Providers

We asked parents to tell us why they love their child care provider for Child Care Provider Appreciation Day coming up on May 12. For our third year we have already received numerous responses from parents who rely on caring and stable care of their children. It is so exciting to see the kind words about area providers and we look forward to seeing more. Read some of the notes of appreciation below.

We want to hear about your child care provider too. Tell us what you appreciate about your provider on this  form. Northeast WI providers* and the parent that nominated them will be entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate for spa or restaurant. Names drawn on May 12- we couldn’t pick a favorite.

Thank you to all who are sending in comments or telling your provider directly. You express the sentiments many of us feel but don’t always say!

Every family looks for different qualities in child care providers so if you are looking for care call at 920-432-8899 for a free customized referral and information on the YoungStar Quality Rating and Improvement System, plus other tools to help find quality care that is the right fit for your family.


Amanda– We love all of the childcare providers at Common Paths because they clearly love their jobs and love the kids! Mary Pat and Ali make us feel comfortable leaving our son all day because we know he will get all of the love and attention he needs. The fact that they can get 8 one-year-olds to do anything all at the same time is a source of constant astonishment for me. We love seeing all of the new things our son is learning each day with them. Thank you for everything you do!


Patricia – We have been lucky the past three years to have the incredible childcare teachers at Encompass ABW. My children adore their teachers Sara, Lisa, Robin, & Diane and all other teachers and the people that are in their lives , from Matt who they watched fix the building, to their nutritionist Liz!  All the teachers have been an integral part of my children’s lives. Director Diane and all the staff who’ve helped me navigate through the years; from my first tearful goodbyes to all their milestones we’ve shared. Thank you is really not enough compared to the relief that I have felt knowing my children have always been so well taken care of.


Christina – I love the staff I feel they all genuinely love and care for all the kids no matter their age. I love how the teachers are into development from the beginning when they are babies. The teachers are constantly looking for new education techniques. When we were looking for a daycare we went to many places but when we first walked into Kids In Motion you could feel a calmness and it was very organized right from the front door. I hope we are able to let our toddler grow all the way here until he is to old for daycare.

Hayley –  The day I found out my son had a rare genetic disorder called MCADD, at three days old, was the day I started trying to figure out if I could financially be a stay at home mom. After weeks of crunching numbers, we decided as a family that it just wasn’t feasible and that daycare was still the best option for our son starting at 8 weeks old. I had called Kidz in Motion to make sure that they were going to be able to meet Caden’s needs. That they could follow a strict feeding schedule, that they could provide his daily medicine, and that they would monitor him daily just as I would at home. The staff assured me that everything I needed them to do, they were capable of. I still had one week until I brought him in, and the countdown of him going to daycare became more and more stressful.  The day to bring Caden to Kidz in Motion for the first full day had arrived. Many tears were shed the night before, however the day of I was oddly calm. My husband and I dropped Caden off together and left him in the hands of Miss Jessica and Miss Bridget.     I honestly cannot put in to words, the amazing work that the Kidz in Motion staff has done. Every day since the first day, it’s like leaving Caden with family. I’m greeted at the door, asked how our night and weekend had been. They have never missed a feeding. They call me anytime he has signs that might lead toward illness, which for Caden could turn into a metabolic crisis. They know exactly what I’m going to ask for, and already have the data for me. They monitor him so closely, and even the float staff knows what to look for. I thought leaving Caden with “strangers” was going to be one of the hardest things I would have to do. They even called to check in when Caden had his first hospitalization due to MCADD. But Kidz in Motion has turned into family…. people who care about Caden just as much as I do. Miss Bridget, Miss Jessica, Miss Karisa, Miss Stephanie, and the rest of the staff all care about the children. Does it get any better than that? They play on the floor with babies, do crafts, even though the young ones can’t quite participate.     I know, without a fraction of a doubt, that Caden is in the right place during the day, when his Dad and I need to be working to provide for the family. They spend more waking hours with him during the week than I do, and I wouldn’t pick any other daycare to do this. I refer people to Kidz in Motion frequently, and hope that they get the chance to love their Childcare Provider as much as I do.     Kidz in Motion deserves to be recognized. Not only for their attention to all of the children, but their attention to detail for children with deficiencies, for their welcoming atmosphere and for the way they light up the children’s faces. I am happy to drop him off there every morning. And Caden frequently babbles about “what he did at daycare with Miss Bridget and Miss Jessica.” And it’s always good things 😉

Sarah – We love Kidz in Motion because they truly care about our son.  We switched him from another daycare when he was about 20 months.  I was so nervous and felt guilty that I was pulling him away from his friends at his old daycare.  From the first day he was at Kidz in Motion I know I did the right thing.  He has blossomed and grown so much, he no longer cries every day when I leave him.  He feels comfortable at daycare and I feel comfortable leaving him.  I get great reports every single day about the fun he had.  He does more arts and crafts and sensory activities than he ever did at his old daycare.  I am due with our second little one and I don’t feel the least bit stressed about bringing her to daycare like I was with my son.  I know she will be in good hands.

Sara – I believe everyone there genuinely loves what they do and takes tremendous pride in how my children develop under their guidance. The staff feels like family and we are lucky they are a part of our lives!


Amanda – Teachers are so wonderful with the kids – Very knowledgeable – My child is always top priority – Director and assistant director are very involved and down to earth – all my kids love going to daycare

Heather – They are very understanding and extremely supportive through many hurddles and obstacles that my family has been going through the last year. They truly care about our family and wanting to make sure everything is going good. I love walking into my center and knowing that people care about myself and my children.

Jessica – They do awesome with my son!  I can tell that they truly care about him.  Whenever I pick him up he is always doing an activity and he tells me what he has done/learned that day.  He has a great connection with them and I can tell that he has fun and really enjoys being there.  Even when I have the opportunity to drive him to school he tells me “no I want to go to little school first”.  It is really comforting to hear (even though I would like to take him to school once in a while).  Emmy is a great Director.  She is always available to listen and she takes care of any issues or concerns right away, and she will talk to me like a friend and not just like I am a customer.  She makes me feel very comfortable.

Chelsea – Ms. Shaquil is the best teacher and my son loves her.  He asks to bring items to school just to show her, or will mention her at home and how he’s going to tell her about what He is doing.  She always engages in conversation with phoenix and had something to add, even if it’s only about power rangers.  She asks him every day how his morning, night or weekend was and listens to his response.  I know he appreciates get immensely.

Carynda – I Love Kindercare and all the staff at my location!  I feel like they all truly care about my little one. It makes me feel great knowing that the people I trust to care for my little are doing because they care!


Jacy – They love my child as if she were their very own.


Tara – They treat my son like family!  I truly feel like he’s loved there.    

Penny – They are the most amazing, loving staff of people. I’ve never met people who have been so invested in my kids and so accepting of all their individuality immediately. They are firm but fair and so, so loving. I could go on and on.


Shari- I LOVE Shining Stars in Hobart, WI. Not only do I love it but both of my children do. After having a hard time conceiving my first child I did not return to my job after maternity leave. When she was 15 months I realized she needed friends, structure and good school. I searched around and fell in love with Shining Stars. They have a different approach to childcare. They are holistic and focus on play and nature. I did not want my child to have a strict curriculum as she is a child. Her job is to be a kid and play. Her teachers also loop with her. This means as she ages she does not just go to a different room but her teachers go with her. I love how she not only sees her teachers as teachers but she loves them in a motherly way. They have seen her grow up as she is now 3. They ask me what we are working on at home and incorporate that into the classroom. They focus on nature and the outdoors. They go on hikes and play outside as much as they can, weather permitting.  He is thriving and loving every minute of it. They are also breastfeeding friendly and know the specifics and differences in taking care of a baby who consumes breast milk. I know my kids are not just learning and being taken care of, they are loved.

Kristen- We love Shining Stars! Everyone is so warm and friendly there and all of the teachers know our son by name and always take time to say hello. His teachers, Miss Cody and Miss Summer, are amazing! They do a great job planning activities for the class that are fun and educational. We love getting pictures and updates of his day! I know that when he is with them, not only is he being well taken care of, but he is learning and growing too! They have also done a great job at helping him come out of his shell and participate more. He also loves all of the animals and outdoor activities at Shining Stars. He loves coming home and telling us all about his day!

Holly- We love the nature based curriculum, and all of the creative projects they plan! There are always new and exciting activities for the kiddos, and my daughter absolutely loves her teachers! A wonderful facility. =]

Chris- The teachers at the facility are caring, nurturing, and creative in the way that they instruct. They focus on such a wonderful curriculum that involves integrating nature with age appropriate activities to bring learning to life. The clear indication of success is the continued development of our child. After starting his time at Shining Stars, he has become almost instantly more talkative, outgoing, inquisitive, and is clearly more comfortable around other people. The mix of inclusive activities and one-on-one time allows each child the opportunity to learn based on his or her unique needs. When starting at Shining Stars, we did not actually need child care, but instead chose to enroll our son for the exposure. Since then, we’ve increased the amount of time he spends at Shining Stars due to his experience and growth.


Colleen – We love our teachers, Heidi and Tina, from Tiny Town Childcare, Bellevue!  Our teachers are so respectful, they give amazing individualized attention to our son, as well as his classmates!  Our teachers have our young son participate in craft projects, reading, walks outside, so much fun activity! Their communication has been very good, which is key for a sleep-deprived, new mother and father when we may need friendly feedback from the staff, or learn about events happening throughout the facility!     Our son is now 6 months old, and before starting at Tiny Town our teachers were so nice to let us drop in to meet them and their class, feel comfortable in our baby’s new environment and get to know them as individuals! This was made ALL the difference in making his first day at Tiny Town with his teachers, as comfortable as it was!!  We love the facility and other support staff as well! Our son doesn’t even eat food yet, but the chef knows him by name!  As a breastfeeding mother I also LOVE that the facility is breastfeeding friendly, with special education for the staff, a great respect for my needs, and a special room for breastfeeding which is so nice and accommodating! I feel so welcome and comfortable at Tiny Town! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience these past few months!

Jackie – I love our childcare provider because all of the teachers know my children and are so good with them. You can tell they go above and beyond and have a bond with my children.

Lori – Do you ever read the Scary Mommy Blog? It makes me feel normal every day, that I’m not alone…that I’m not a bad mom….with added humor…  Braxten “The Sir” has been attending Tiny Town since I could afford to send him there at 8 months old (ok, who can really afford daycare, and why do workers get paid so little!?)…. I have been a single parent to him that entire time. Without the staff at daycare being his incredible caregivers, I wouldn’t be able to make it. There was even a period of time when I became very ill. When he would flop to the ground (seemed like every day) and I couldn’t lift him, teachers (2 in particular) would meet me in the hallway to help me, show concern for my health, share in my joys, tell me funny stories (there are a few who seem to only tell the negative) and gently tell me if there is a concern I need to hear. They always offer reassuring and encouraging words – “you’re doing a good job mom”, “my kids do it too”, etc. I would sometimes arrive crying in frustration, but leave and sit in my car crying because someone cared….someone saw me, someone understood….Brax was going to be ok..  I wasn’t completely messing him up…  These teachers go above and beyond taking care of The Sir every day…they also make me feel normal and not so alone as a parent. If I were to win, they both deserve certificates (they can have mine), so I’m putting both names (I mean seriously, anyone who takes care of that many children all day is a hero!!!).

*To win the prize, Providers must be part of regulated programs in Brown, Door, Kewaunee, Marinette, Menominee, Oconto and Shawano Counties.


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