Triple P

Parenting isn’t always easy. The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is here to help! The trained Triple P Parent Educators teach families how to spend less time battling misbehavior and more time building close relationships. Parents and caregivers will develop skills to manage stress and encourage healthy habits.

Triple P doesn’t tell anyone how to be a parent. Instead, we offer practical advice, backed by science and the successes seen by thousands of families.

Triple P is built on five principles of positive parenting:

  • Ensuring a safe, interesting environment
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Using assertive discipline
  • Having realistic expectations
  • Taking care of yourself as a parent

From a general overview of Triple P to addressing more specific parenting concerns, we have a variety of ways for you to experience the program. Find the one that is the right fit for you!

Seminars (in English & Spanish):
This is our introduction to positive parenting strategies in a 3-part seminar series. Classes will focus on general parenting challenges and building caregivers’ confidence in communication, self-esteem, and handling emotions.

Group (English & Spanish): This 8-week group class is a great way to meet other parents/caregivers and can provide more in-depth parenting support. The Parent Educator will help participants set specific goals to manage a targeted challenging behavior to work on over the course of the 8 weeks.

Discussion Groups/Workshops: These are small group-guided sessions that offer a lot of peer support. Topics include dealing with disobedience, bedtime routines, bullying, tantrums, and much more.

Standard: If a family has specific concerns with a child’s behavior or development and would like more one-on-one support, this is a great option. Your Parent Educator will work with your family personally to identify the cause, learn parenting strategies, and set goals.

Stepping Stones: This 3-part seminar series is for parents/caregivers of children with special needs. The Parent Educator can teach you ways to help your child reach their potential and turn any problem behavior into positive behavior.

To learn more, please contact or call 920-432-8899.

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