Paula Breese Executive Director

Rocio Gonzalez – Resource and Referral Specialist

Lauren Waters – Outreach and Communication Coordinator

Family Programming, Support and Education Team

Franchesca Vasquez – Family Program Manager (Parents as Teachers)

Veronica Thomson – Family Program Manager (Triple P)

Carolina Voss – Parent Educator

Kimberly Pampel – Parent Educator

Shelby Belanger – Parent Educator

Holly Herman – Parent Educator

Karla Jenquin – Parent Educator

Laura Usiak-DeWitt – Parent Educator

Michael Serrano – Parent Educator

Ricci Van Handel – Parent Educator

Early Childhood Technical Support and Training Team

Jamie Tramte-Brassfield – Early Childhood Manager

Nicky Brown – Early Childhood Consultant

Lisa Janetski-Hirn – Early Childhood Consultant

Andrea Knope – Early Childhood Consultant

Kathy Van Boxtel – Early Childhood Consultant