Childcare Provider

Reports to: Parent Educator Supervisor

FLSA Status: Hourly, Part-time,
Evening and/or weekend hours required
This position is contingent upon grant funding.
Typical evening hours are 5:00-7:30pm on weeknights. This is on an as needed basis for parenting classes and workshops.


1. Develop and participate in games, read to children, and teach simple craft projects, painting, drawing, handwork, songs, and motor activities organized around special themes and seasonal activities.

2. Ensure a nurturing environment for children using non-punitive methods of discipline. Stop aggressive behavior such as hitting, wrestling, toy throwing, playing inappropriately with toys, dangerous play, etc. and re-direct the children.

3. Stay in the room with the children at all times. Tend to infants if they are crying.

4. Help children develop the habit of following the rules of the playroom: playing nicely with others and share toys, picking up and putting away toys, art supplies and books before they leave.

5. Assist children with bathroom needs (diapers will be changed by parents).

6. Participate in training and other events that are recommended by supervisor

7. Ability to work in partnerships with families and be non-judgmental, flexible, creative, empathetic, and accepting.

8. Maintain attendance records of all participants.

A. High School Diploma
B. Must have history of working with small children and be able to provide references
C. Ability to be a resource and give support
D. Ability to work with all Center staff, volunteers, collaborative partners as part of a team
D. Ability to maintain records and prepare reports correctly and completely by deadlines established
F. Bilingual Spanish language skills preferred
G. Ability to pass background check
H. Ability to complete Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Mandated Reporter Training (SCAN-MRT), Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) Training; Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Training; CPR training

Please send cover letter and resume to fcrnew@fcrnew.org