Resource Room: Ellison Die Cuts

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List of available ellison die cuts

201 West Walnut Street, Green Bay WI 54303 (920) 432-8899, Hour: Monday-Thursday 8am to 4:30pm Friday 8am to Noon
4″ Die Cuts Dragonfly Lantern Roosevelt, Teddy Washington Bag – 3D
Acorn Drum & Sticks Leaf/ Maple Sailboat Watering Can Door hanger
Airplane Duck Leaf/ Oak Sand Dollar Watermelon Slice Borders
Apple Duck Toy Leprechaun Santa Whale Birthday
Award Dump Truck Lily Pad Saw Wind Butterfly
Back pack Eggs Lightning Bolt Scarecrow Wisconsin Fence
Balloons Elephant Locomotive School Bus Woman Grass
Barn Elf/Jester Man Schoolhouse Worm Hearts
Baseball Excavator Meat Group Screwdriver Wrench Holly
Baseball Hat Feather Mitten Scroll X-mas Ornament Leaves
Basket, Bushel Firecracker Monkey Seed Packet X-mas Stocking Road
Basketball Fireman Moon Shamrock Zoo Car Scallop
Bat Fire Truck Moose Shell X Large Die Cuts Stars
Bat, Ball, Glove Fish (x2) Mountain/Stream Shoe for Lacing Basket Train Track
Beaker Flag Mouse Signal (traffic) Book, Closed Waves
Bee Flashlight Music Notes Skip Loader Box-3D Tiny Dies cuts
Beetle Flower (x2) Name Plate/ Star Sled Clock & Hands Acorns
Bell Flowerpot Octopus Snowflake (x2) Crayon Apples
Bird Food Pyramid #1,2,3 Orange Snowman Food Plate Bandages
Birdhouse Football (x2) Oval Soccer Ball (x2) Hanging Flower 3D Bees
Birthday Cake Football helmet Oval/ Rectangle Soccer Player Kite Butterflies
Boy Football Player Pail & Shovel Soldier, Toy Lacing Apple Buttons
Boy on Skateboard Footprint Paint Brush Spider Lacing Flower Crayons
Box Car Frog Palm Tree  Square 4″ Lacing Hearts Fish
Bread slice Fruit & veggies Paper Pal Squirrel Lacing Mitten Flowers
Brontosaurus Garden tool (x2) Paper Pal & Acc. Star (x3) Lacing Sun Frogs
Butterfly Ghost Paper Pal Hair Starfish Lantern – 3D Happy Faces
Button Gingerbread Girl Paper Pal Play #1 Stegosaurus Leaf/ Maple Hearts
Caboose Gingerbread Man Paper Pal Plat #2 Stop Sign Mailbox Leaves
Caldron/Pot-O-Gold Giraffe Parrot Strawberry Photo Folder Paw prints
Camera/Photo Girl Paw Print Street Sign Picnic Basket Shamrocks
Campfire Girl Dancer Peacock Sun (X2) Puzzle Circle Snowflakes
Candles Girl Runner Pear Sunflower Puzzle Stars
Candy Goose Penguin Tank Car Rainbow Teddy Bears
Candy Cane Graduate Cap Picnic Basket Teddy Bear Sailing Ship X-mas Lights
Car Grain Group Pie Tennis Shoe Spider Web Block 2” ABC Sets
Carrot Grasshopper Pig Tent Star Upper Case
Castle Guitar Pilgrim Hat Thermometer Sun Lower Case
Cat Hammer Pirate Toddler Treasure Chest Lollipop 3”
Caterpillar Handprint, baby Pirate Treasure Tooth Treasure Chest – 3D Upper Case
Cement Truck Hat/Pith Helmet Planets Toothbrush/tooth Tree (x2) Lower Case
Cheese Heart (x2) Pliers Tractor Long Number Sets
Chick Helicopter Polar Bear Trapezoid Mask Block 4”
Christmas Light Hen Popcorn Tree Crown Lollipop 3”
Christmas Tree Hippopotamus Praying Mantis Triangle Name plate/crayon
Circles 1”, 2″, 3″, 4″ Holly Pterodactyl Triangle/Square
Clouds Horn Pumpkin Tricycle Resource Room Price List
Cocoon Hornet Pumpkin Patch Trophy Construction Paper: $0.10
Cornucopia Horse (x2) Puppet Holes Truck Felt Squares: $0.30
Cow Hot Dog Puzzle Tugboat Fun Foam: $0.70
Crab House Quilt Design/Star Tulip (x2) Vinyl Cling: $1.25
Crayon Ice Cream Cone Rabbit Turkey Plastic Baggies: .05
Cupcake Ice Skate Railroad Crossing Turtle Copies
Cupid Jingle Bell Raindrops Tulip (x2) Your Paper: $0.10
Dairy Group Key Rectangle Turkey Our Paper: $0.25
Daisy King, Martin Luther Recyclables Turtle (Please limit to 25 per visit)
Doctor/Nurse Kite Reindeer Tyrannosaurus Rex Lamination
Dog/puppy Knife/ Fork/ Spoon Rhinoceros Umbrella $1.00 per foot
Dolphin Knight in Armor Rhombus Violin Please call ahead for lamination services
Dragon Lamb Toy Rhombus/Trapezoid Wagon

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